It has been over 2 hours since anyone posted in the LR

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jan 5, 2013.

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  1. :pity1:
  2. The HQ members are online, meaning wrestling is the top dawg atm. Figured you'd come on to ruin that :pipebomb:
  3. I guess people have better things to do. INB4 :russo:
  4. As the original recipient of the BITW award, I resent this comment.

  5. You're right. I am online.:obama:
  6. Were you actually the first? On the laptop so cba to go and check.

    No need to use the finger :sad:
  7. Seabs and I were the first two, but we got it after I put together a long post demanding it. So yea, I was first.
  8. He was. I think maybe he and Seabs got it at the same time. but I think Dolph's was first since I remember him saying "seabs has it? It's worhtless now" once seabs got it or something like that.
  9. Damn, maybe you could be the first to have it revoked? :pity1:

    Lol feels weird even typing that, I'd never do it :why:
  10. Figured Hoss would be the one to do it TBH. Or a drunk Xanth.
  11. Nobody has the testicular fortitude to remove my BITW
  12. Xanth is a kitten, he's too pussy to do that.
  13. Xanth is basically my biggest fan. He gets me
  14. asslicks you*
  15. Kagawawawawa!
  16. I always take your word about asslicking, since you are king asslicker.

  17. #assleption

    Seems like a good porno name to me.
  18. #SaveTheAnal
  19. Already copyrighted in case I ever venture down that path.
  20. Hire Joseph Parks Park, Park and Park company to keep it tm'd for you.:obama:
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