It has to get better.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. Why? Every champion at the moment is a smiley overpowered face (if you take away Christian, he jobs now and again). Eventually that will change and we'll have some heel champions to actually entertain us.

  2. 1. Quit your bitching and watch Destination X for fuck sake!

    2. Yeah, but who will win those belts? Rhodes will win the WHC thank goodness, but will the fans take him seriously? Ziggler has to be completely rebuilt after all the jobs he's done. Other than Bryan, the only other heel they had with anything resembling credibility just got squashed in 17 seconds by a midget. Other than them, I'm not even sure if they have enough quality heels to win the mid-card belts. Maybe Ziggler and ADR?

    3. Every time you say "It has to get better", it gets worse. Stop it.
  3. 1) Not until I can actually watch things properly (eyes, see locker room). Not sure how this thread is "bitching" either.

    2) You're just trying to come up with reasons to be miserable, stop trying to steal Dolph's gimmick. You get credibility by beating the faces, which the heels will have to do to get the belts (clean or dirty). Just this week Rhodes beat Christian cleanly.

    3) No it doesn't. SmackDown was awesome this week and RAW has been constantly shit for a month+, not worse.
  4. I will forever remain optimistic
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  5. at least raw is better than it was two years ago.... 2010 i had to stop watching... 2012 i dont mind it.. i enjoy parts of it
  6. Sorry man, that was one of those weird posts that was quickly written and supposed to be read in a sarcastic tone... which is hard enough to read on the web, but if you have serious issues going on it's even worse. Sorry about that and hope you get to feeling better soon, nobody should go through eye issues... ever.

    We were pretty happy after last week, Raw had some good moments and Smackdown was a good show. Not really sure if this was the right time for a thread like this, the show's already showing signs of getting better. Also, we've all figured out that you can't kill Crayo's optimism, but this is still WWE we're talking about. As a wise man once said, "An optimist is always disappointed, but a pessimist is pleasantly surprised", so it's nice to find a balance in the middle because pure pessimism is bad.
  7. 2009-2010 was the worst RAW has ever been imo so I agree.


    I'm not a total optimist, I still complain during the bad and expect a good portion of BS throughout the show. But I counter that with understanding why there's that BS. IF a show was exactly how a smark wanted it, the ratings would most likely decline.

    Summer is always good in WWE though, so I'm expecting something decent to pull us through :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. [quote='Rainman' pid='148798' dateline='1341835169'

    3. Every time you say "It has to get better", it gets worse. Stop it.

    So true lol.

    I'm confident that things will get better soon. They know that with Raw 3 hours they will have to improve things and this will hopefully persuade them to push new stars.

    Tyson Kidd definitely seems to be getting pushed which is awesome. Ziggler is getting much more attention and I get the feeling he has a push to look forward to. Rhodes is hopefully getting pushed, I can guarantee that either he or Ziggler will win MITB so that's something to really look forward to.

    In the next few months we can also look forward to a Barrett return, a Lesnar return and plenty of Heyman. Punk is going to be feuding with johnboy again and that could mean a return to his MITB'11 self. Obviously not as shocking or as cool as he was then but more like that anyway.

    Raw is going to get better. I'm certain of it.
  9. Forgot about that! The last 3-Hour Raw was pretty good, it felt like the creative team felt like they had enough time to do things and not just overload the show with filler.

    My main issues are being addressed. There's less filler and new guys are being pushed. I'm feeling better than I have in weeks, still being a pessimist, but believe there's a slight chance that Raw can be good. That in and of itself was wonderfully refreshing.
  10. Totally. I'm just praying that having extra time to fill give them a rocket up the arse and that it forces them to create a much higher quality show.

    The last 2weeks of Raw have been a great improvement (which isn't hard I guess) and I actually look forward to Raw again. Onwards and upwards.
  11. It's been worse but I agree with Crayo it has to get better I dunno seems like they're struggling for ideas at the min and i dunno why as we have a talented crop of wrestlers yet they all including the champs seem vastly underutilised even for a PG era they aint pushing things along much.
  12. Really? I've actually enjoyed Raw, thought it has been a lot better than SD, bar last weeks SD which was great.
  13. RAW is normally better than SmackDown yeah, just last weeks was awesome. As for RAW, each to their own :emoji_slight_smile:. I don't want to derail your enjoyment of the product at all. Personally though I just dislike the current filler segments RAW has atm. But, it will get better. There's plenty of good amongst what I see as the bad.
  14. :dafuq: Ziggler ain't winning?
  15. You won't derail my enjoyment at all mate, then again you have to remember, where as you have been watching it for years, I have for just over a month now, so it's like a whole new thing for me again getting back into it, so the enjoyment is all there, apart from SD which so far, apart from last week I have found very boring. So while I might be enjoying it now, who knows what I'll think in 3/4 months time, hopefully by that point though, it gets better as you predict :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.
  16. Haha that's fair enough. When I got back into it a few years ago it was through the massive Orton push where he was RKO'ing everyone as a face. At the time I was a huge Orton mark enjoying the hell out of it, then I saw sense :haha:. But nah, it's great when you're marking the hell out weekly.
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