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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by edge4ever, Aug 26, 2015.

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  1. Hola All,

    I was wondering how many IT people are on these forums? Like, you don't even have to work in the field per say, but people who at least have knowledge of IT and enjoy it. This is more just curiosity. Please share and do tell how you got into it, why, etc.
  2. Didn't notice this thread before.
    I've been a tech nerd for about 12 years now. It was an escape from a shitty school life, starting out blackhat then doing a 180 wanting to help everyone.
    Anyway, I do work in the field. Currently a server admin for a global company (though the servers are internal only).
    I love working with hardware, especially building and upgrading computers. Software interests me too, particularly cleaning up and optimizing computers, as well as writing my own.
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  3. Very very nice. The only area I need strength in is hacking. Otherwise I'm good locking things down and preventative measures. I'm a network engineer for a global company myself.

    What software do
    You write and in what language?
  4. I made a bunch of little things back in the day using AutoIT. System optimizer, keylogger, screen capture tool, etc.
    Nowadays my focus is with PHP and Perl. Giving up on java for now, was learning for Minecraft only.
  5. <html>






  6. Cool. What kind of firewalls and stuff did you try to penetrate ?
  7. You're an html
  8. None, I didn't do anything like that.

    Shadow also gives <head>
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  9. Nah, my knowledge is just very limited. HTML and basic CSS is about the most I can contribute right now. Hopefully I'll have a chance to expand it a little bit when I go to college, web design in particular has always been pretty intriguing to me.
  10. Got it. Are you windows or Linux guy?
  11. Yeah html is fun. But, I don't have be patience for it at all. It's just like coding. I'll kill myself if I do that too long
  12. Windows for desktop, Linux for servers.
  13. More Ubuntu? Use active directory to manage accounts?
  14. I aspire to be you. :bischoff:
  15. Nope, Ubuntu isn't for me, especially on servers. yum > apt. I use CentOS.
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  16. I have a grasp on Rails, SQL, HTML,CSS and Python.
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