It stole the show, end of.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 28, 2012.

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  1. Who's Rock? Who's Cena?

    The real stars of the show last night were Jericho and Punk, my god their head to head was beyond fantastic. Please watch it again on YouTube (i'd post a link if I could). People were speculating who the better was but they were even in my opinion.

    Punk was serious, no crappy jokes. Jericho was Jericho, absolutely phenomenal. They stole the show.

    Sure it confirmed that there will be no mystery return but a best in the world vs best in the world match is what we all asked for, and we're going to get it.

    10/10 for a segment for me.

  2. From 5.09 btw the uploader is a boss.

    I agree they stole the show and I doubt even the biggest marks could deny that. Jericho slightly edged it imo.
  3. Jericho took it easily because he doesn't have to break kayfabe. Punk can't come at Jericho without bringing up DWTS or Fozzy or anything like that
  4. Either way it was great, not too much kayfabe was broken but Jericho done exceptional to bring that non-kayfabe point back into kayfabe if that makes sense. Jericho's intensity at the end was insanely good. @[JeebaK] would love to see you comment on how he's "washed up" after seeing this.

  5. First of all, im sure u wouldnt like it if i tag spammed you at every post, so hence dont make the mistake of tagging me to useless posts again, unless its important, or i will start doing the same. I dont want to end up with a pm spam of "you have been tagged" just to find out after click on the link that its just another useless post by Crayo hard to justify his points.

    Now, on topic.
    Im not going to deny that it was great. But why r u so impressed with it? Becuase, u never expected this kind of performance from jericho. Whereas if jericho was at his peak, this performace would have been on the expected list. Hence i prove my point again.
  6. He has tagging disabled @[JeebaK] just a warning. It wasn't good because it wasn't expected it was good because it was good. Similarly to you saying Rock's promos on Cena were good and me saying what because you didn't expect him to put out a good promo.

  7. So wait you telling me what I expect from Jericho means you "win" again?

    You have posted multiple times Jericho is a washed up has been who is no where near as good as he was. I tagged you to prove my point that he's just as good if not better.

    Tag me please, keep trying.
  8. I can't be the only one sick of seeing this Jeebak vs Creabs handicap match in every single thread?

  9. I mentioned all of rock's promos being good, i didnt single out one of them, like you doing with jericho's match. If u see some of his older matches, he used to put 5 star performaces like this at every match.
  10. Our name is seaboyo I'll have you know and all it comes down to is we share differing opinions to him, should we not voice them?

    @[JeebaK] You singled out him apparently owning Cena, so wasn't that expected?
  11. i singled out apparently owning cena, i didnt single out one of his promos and make a thread about it to let people know how i loved that one single promo. Both are different situations.
  12. Still doesn't change the fact you raised it as a reason to support your opinion, exactly the same as Crayo did. A thread or not it's still the same principle.
  13. Seabs is on a role.
  14. nope its not.

  15. What's different? You're both presenting an opinion by writing a post on a message forum. Explain it to me, also what happened to ruining the site if I banned you, since it's so vulnerable?
  16. 2-0 seabs :boss:
  17. Good RAW show..
  18. It seemed as they were really genuine about wanting to face each other to see who's best; that is what really made it go over Rock vs Cena. Rock vs Cena just seemed as it was who could come up with the better come back or joke.
  19. I blame that on Rock. Cena's promos have both been serious and related to kicking Rock's ass at Wrestlemania, where as Rock was more about trending on twitter and over catch phrases, something we all predicted here at WF.
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