Kayfabe It was never going to end

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  1. A forest appears on the screen which the crowd begin to boo. The camera pans over to a shadowy figure in the distance and begins to move forward, quickly the shadowy figure moves and jumps out behind the camera man. The figure is much more in focus as the camera turns round in fright. The figure is that of Chris Parks
    Welcome, or welcome back to my forest, my asylum. Come. Follow me. We need to catch up
    The camera man follows Chris into the asylum where there are multiple people in satanic masks screaming.
    Ignore these people. They mean nothing. The asylum is my favourite place. You wanna know why? Becuase the torture of souls can happen and no one will follow it. The wounds can be made worse and no one will question it. The anger can come out and it will hurt no one
    The camera begins to look round at the people and they begin to chant at the camera
    The mask people continue to chant as throughout the arena Chris Parks theme song plaY's to a chorus of boos

    The lights go down and the arena is pitch black for about 30 40 seconds. When the lights go back on Chris is in the ring with a mic. He laughs into the mic for about 10 secs and then begins to talk

    I said it once and I'll say it again. It will never be over till I say it is over. My path of destruction is only just beginning. My path is the only one that matters. Look what I have done to the likes of Will Neilson, Rhys Haze. Antonio Stark, do you see him around after our Hell In A Cell Match. NO, THAT THE ANSWER NO YOU DON'T BECAUSE I BROKE HIM. We went for one hour yes he won. But he didn't beat me, no no no. I beat him and left him Broken and in a pool of his own blood on the canvas. I BROKE YOUR HEROES AHA HAHA
    Chris begins to laugh even more but is cut off by an unfimiliar theme
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    The music hits and Chris looks confused in the ring as he doesn't know who it is

    After about 50 seconds Tony Stark walks on to the stage. The crowd begin to cheer At the top of their lungs. They begin to chant welcome back. Tony stands on the ramp for another 20 seconds soaking in the reaction from the crowd. He begins to march to the ring. With longer hair and new ring gear. His gear looks alot darker in colour compared to some of his old gear. He looks pissed off as does Chris who is standing in the ring looking more pissed off in the ring. Tony gets in the ring and gets nose to nose with Chris and the crow begin to go bananas. Chris steps back and Tony pulls a mic out of his jacket and begins to speak
    I think you're really starting to piss these people off Chris. Yah know I've been sitting at home these last few months and I thought I need to get there quick, he's running around like a lunatic. Then I thought again, and I thought but that's exactly what Chris Parks is, he's a lunatic, what can I do to stop that. Let's get one thing straight, you beat me in the hell in a cell not beat me for the one to three, no no no, you did one worse, you broke my spirit, you broke me as a man. When we both came crashing down through that cell I thought it was all over. But I kicked out of an end of days and still kicked your god damn head off and pinned you. However I didn't beat you, you left on your own two feet, I didn't. I layer helpless on the floor with you standing over my corpse.
    The crowd begin to cheer that was awesome referring to the brutal 60 minute Hell in a cell match. Chris goes to speak however Tony pushes his hand down and continues to speak
    I'm not finished! You taught me one thing in that Cell Chris and that is that happiness and colourful attires get you know where.
    Chris looks confused, then the expression changes on Tony he looks alot more pissed off and angry
    Chris goes for a clothesline however Tony ducks this attempt and bounces off the ropes and hit a clothesline of his own. Sending Chris to the outside of the ring. Tony quickly jumps over the top rope and delivers a soccer kick on to Chris which causes him to fall. Tony jumps into the ring again but Chris has already got back to his feet in a dazzled state. Tony quickly runs off the ropes and hits a suicide dive but Chris gets right back to his feet. Tony gets back in the ring and goes for his vintage somersault plancha. As Tony does the flip, Chris uses all his strength and catches Tony in the powerbomb and first bombs him into the barricade then the apron. Chris throws him back in the ring, he waits about 2 minuts for Tony to get back up giving him time to recover, he picks him up and goes for end of days but Tony flips out of it and hits a knee bomb staggering Chris back into the corner, Tony runs and performs another high knee followed by a round house causing Chris to roll out of the ring. Tony dives over the top rope one more time and this time connects and then clothesline Chris over the barricade and for the first time Chris slowly retreats into the audience as Tonys music begins to play

    *End Of Segment*
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