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  1. *Alex and Antonio are talking backstage and they look to be talking about what happened in the ring*
    Hey, man, I'm sorry about the roundhouse kick okay? It was the heat of the moment and I have never snapped at you before but that's no excuse I'm sorry okay?
    Yeah, yeah it's fine, it didn't hurt anyway
    This thing between Will, Rhys, Chris and yourself is getting completely out of hand

    Don't you think I know that? Yah know what? I bought Chris into this company thinking 'I need someone to take out a problem that problem is Will' I didn't think it would go as far as him leaving him in a pool of his own blood and a death match did I? Yah know I have a lot of respect for that kid, Will I know I haven't been great to him but Chris over stepped the boundaries.
    You need to stop worry about Chris man, you have a number one contenders match for the Heavyweight Championship of the World, I think that should be you priority right now
    It is!! I have never been against Chris Young before but I hear that he is an excellent performer, and this is an excellent opportunity for me as a superstar but I can't concentrate on that when Chris Parks is running a riot up in here
    Both men begin to walk towards the sound booth and tech area, and Antonio shouts at the sound tech

    Oi you hit my new music
    Antonios music begins to play and the crowd cheer he walks with Alex to the ring looking quite pissed off

    Let's get straight to business Will and Rhys please get out here
    Antonio and Alex wait a few minutes before familiar music begins to play
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  2. *What Antonio wants.... he gets. Will Neilson and Rhys Haze, The Last Heroes, come out to a huge pop. Will has a huge bandage round his head, and multiple bandages on his arms and a few on his legs. On his gear, you can still see specs of blood. Rhys helps Will to the ring and they both get in, grab a microphone and start talking to Antonio.*

    Will: I can tell..... you felt sorry for me when I got attacked. I mean you called Chris a fucking physcopath and nearly started a brawl with him, so I guess.... thanks for that! However, I have a slight suspicion that that was ALL a work, it was planned. I don't know, but you could have told Chris to come out here, brutalise me to the point of near death, and then play it all off like you didn't even know he was going to do that!

    *Anfonio is shaking his head, and says quietly to Will "I promise you, it was not planned, I promise you Will."*

    Will: I just don't know anymore.... I just want to get to the bottom of this. Did Chris 'Doomsday' Parks attack and brutalise me, without you knowing? Or was it all a plan? Your call Tony. Um.... Rhys.... anything you want to add buddy?

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  3. *Rhys puts the microphone up to his mouth*

    Rhys: I just dont know what to think Will. *Rhys moves the mic away from his face for a minute and spins it around while pacing up and down the ring listening and looking at the crowd* This is obviously getting too out of hand, and we need to do something. *The crowd cheer* I joined forces with you to eliminate Chris and Tony... Can we really trust Tony at this point? Tony tried to break your skull with a roundhouse kick in the past, and I dont even need to talk about what Chris did to you. Chris has lost his mind! I can't belive you want a deathmatch with this Psychopath Will. *Rhys looks at will's cuts, brusies and bandages from Chris and has a worried look on his face for a second.* If I can crush Chris in this steel cage match this week its over, and I will not let you go through with your match, you just aren't fit to compete. *The crowd boo, they just want to see an epic deathmatch with few agreeing with Rhys about Will's health*

    Rhys: *Rhys calms himself to get back on topic with Tony* Tony, after all of this madness with Chris... I personally forgive you. Theres no need for us to fight when theres a psychopath among us. Maybe we can put our rivalry to the side until we deal with this. Whaddya' say?

    *Rhys puts his hand out for a handshake*
  4. Antonio looks at Rhys and Will for a few moments before turning away for another couple of seconds then looking back
    I'm gonna be 100 percent honest with you right here, this is Tony speaking none of this Anarchy crap, but I respect you, I respect both of you, yah know you offered that handshake Rhys and I'll say it I wanted to scoop you up on to my shoulder and nail you with a roundhouse
    The crowd boo at Antonio but some cheers come threw when he begins to speak again

    At this point in time we all have a problem with each other, well you two don't but yah know what I mean.
    Tony offers out his hand to shake when Alex interupts him
    No, no, no, no, no, no, no!! You are not doing this Tony I'm not allowing it, these people especially Mr Neilson pushed you to the edge in the indies and I forbid it to happen again, you are not doing this let's go, we are leaving.
    Who the hell do you think you are talking to me like that get out this ring you don't even need to be here

    Tony shakes the hand of Rhys then looks over at Will
    Will. I know you don't trust me but I am sorry for what's happened
    Tony goes to shake the hand of Will when Chris music begins to play throughout the arena

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  5. *A high pitched scream runs through the arena as Chris walks out with blood running from his head*
    Psychopath? Bit over the top don't you think haha. Psychopath is just a word to those who think differently to everyone else, because we're different, smarter, willing to do more things to get what we want that makes people like you, Will, start making accusations. You brought me into this company Tony but you sure as hell haven't seen anything yet...you wanted me to take out the trash so I beat that trash until he could barely move.
    *Chris walks into the ring everyone stands on the opposite side and just waiting for him to do anything*
    I could take you all out right here but I'm feeling quite nice tonight so how about I destroy Rhys in that steel cage, I break Will in that death match and Tony Tony Tony what do we do with you. How about if you lose that world title number one contenders match we have a hell in a cell match at money in the bank because then maybe after I beat all of you until you can barely move then you'll bow down to the King of the asylum HAHAHAHA!
    *Chris pulls out a steel bat from the back of his tights and stands there waiting for someone to make a move*
    You were all warned and trust me you're all going to go down in flames!
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  6. *A few seconds after Chris pulls out the bat from his tights, everyone attacks. Will, Antonio and Rhys all pummelling Chris down with rapid punches, Chris is fighting back and jumps onto Tony and starts to repeatedly punch him in the face, Will and Rhys try to pull Chris off but only get sucked down with Tony. It's an all out war. Will grabs the bat and slams it in the stomach of Chris, Chris chokeslams Rhys Haze, Antonio attempts to lift Chris up on his shoulders but fails. Finally Will and Rhys hit Chris with a Super New Age (3-D). All 3 of them get out of the ring and grab a weapon/weapons each.... Antonio gets two chairs, Rhys gets two kendo sticks and Will gets a bucket of blood. Antonio puts the chair under Chris's face and hits him on the back of the head with the other one, Rhys rapidly bashes the Kendo Sticks across Chris's back. Finally, for all the blood that Chris drew from Will earlier on in the night, he dumps the bucket of blood right on top of Chris Parks. The Last Heroes roll out of the ring and Rhys picks up a microphone and speaks into it...*

    Rhys: Ladies and Gentlemen... you thought we couldn't get any bigger... but Antonio Stark! Welcome to The Last Heroes!

    *All 3 of them raise their hands up to celebrate, it's the dawn of a new age here in Precision, the rivalry between Antonio Stark and Will Neilson has come to a grand end.*

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    *Chris stands back up like he hasn't been hit*
    Haha what was that you've got!
    *Chris raises a hand into the sky and a high pitched scream rings through the arena. The lights then go off and back on to an empty ring*
    Doomsdays gonna kill you, Doomsday gonna kill you, Doomsdays gonna kill you
    *The crowd continue to chant 'Doomsdays gonna kill you' continuously and the segment ends*
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