Italian man sues wife for ‘negligence in household duties’

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  1. An Italian woman has been sued by her husband for her “bad management of housework” – and could face up to six years in prison if found guilty – after a court accepted a lawsuit filed by the annoyed man, according to local media.
    A court in the town of Sonnino in the province of Latina decided to prosecute the housewife after the man from Lazio filed a court complaint accusing her of failing to provide adequate care for him and their household.
    According to preliminary hearing, the 40-year-old woman had been“insulting” her 47-year-old spouse by not cooking or cleaning enough for him, Italian media reported.

    The food bought for the table, the man alleges, routinely ended up in the trash, instead of a being cooked for family meals. He claims that her “negligence” as a wife also forced him to “live in conditions with poor hygiene.” He also says that he had been forced out of their marital bed.

    The case has been the accepted by the judge, Mara Mattioli, of the Court of Latina, who decided to send the woman to trial. Prosecutor Gregorio Capasso already initiated an investigation into the complaint. The housewife potentially faces two to six years in prison if proven guilty during a court process due to begin in October.

    Italian man sues wife for ‘negligence in household duties’

    LOL :booker2:
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    Silly, silly world.
  3. Marriage is a equal partnership, he brings home the bacon but she cannot be bothered to make him a sandwich with it. She got of lightly I would of given her the death penalty :pipebomb::jeritroll:
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  4. Italian culture truly cares about family values. allahumma barik
  5. If this kind of stuff held up in court in America, I think marriage would die. So many selfish people in the world. If you find a good one, don't let um go.
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  6. Marriage is already dying/dead. When you have a ~50% success rate you sort of are failing. The entire idea behind marriage is a dated one not really fit for society in 2016. There are certainly people out there that marriage is right for. But seeing the other huge % of the population try to pigeonhole themselves into marriage because it is a societal norm is hilarious to me.
  7. Nothing wrong with marriage, it is the people that made it what it is today and why it fails so often. People either marry too young, marry the wrong person, marry for the wrong reason, or just think of it as something like "well, if it dont work out, OH WELL!".

    Just find someone of the opposite sex, become best friends with them, and that is the person you should marry. It isn't that hard to figure out. You don't marry an f-buddy or someone you had multiple one night stands with... or that one who cheated on you 4 times but swears its different now. lol
  8. Finding love isn't nearly as easy as you make it to be, and most people wouldn't know the feeling if they found it. People love the idea of being loved so every relationship they enter they fool themselves into thinking they are in some super meaningful relationship because it is what they desire. The concept of love and marriage is obviously a simple one. Much harder in execution.

    I know my parents started as friends but wound up in a loveless marriage after a couple of kids and they just naturally grew apart. Doesn't mean either of them did anything wrong, and after the divorce they were actually much better friends and on better terms than they had been for the latter stages of their marriage.

    To me, if you with someone you love, NOT getting married shows more of a commitment. Why do I need the state to come in and tell me I CANT'T just up and leave you? With no actual bond me waking up and deciding to stay with you every day is more of an actual commitment than saying "well I dig you but I need someone to come in and cement it so we stuck together just in case"
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  9. Marriage isn't just a piece of paper. To some, it is needed for financial reasons, religious reasons, citizenship reasons, and beyond. I get what you are saying and I am not saying it is easy but LOVE is easy, when you know what actual love is. It is the crap surrounding love that makes people believe it is hard. People think "lust" is love. A relationship can't survive long term on lust. Love isn't just emotions or feelings. It is putting someone before you, not because they deserve it and not because of how they make you feel, but just for the sake of caring that deeply for them. You respect them, honor them, admire them, and want to grow with them. That is what a relationship should be, marriage or not. Growing together. When you outgrow someone, or they outgrow you, you hit a dead end.

    And a lot of people get divorced after having kids because they simply don't agree on how they should be raised. Not saying that is the case with your parents, but with a lot of these situations, it is. All the crap happening in the world don't help either. It is way easier to connect with people and meet people. It is also easier to cheat. I respect marriage for what it should be, not for what it is. People and State laws made it a joke.
  10. He sued? What an idiot. I would've fucking left that skank whore. fucking hell mates.
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    Wow! Remind me NOT To move there. If I ever got married, I would do the best I can to cook the best of meals and keep everything Tidy. Etc.....
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