It'll Be A Shame If Brock Lesnar vs Bray Wyatt (and the Wyatt Family) Never Happens

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  1. Imagine what a moment it would be if Brock had just got done winning a big match, or if Heyman is gloating on and on about the big match that Lesnar won at the PPV the night before (with Brock just standing right beside him and saying nothing as usual), and then the lights go out and the Wyatt Family's music hit. A gang attacks ensues with Brock whopping ass at first, but ultimately being overpowered by the four members of the Family. I think a stand-off between Brock and Strowman would definitely get "This is awesome!" chants. Imagine the two of them going eye-to-eye after Brock takes care of Harper and Rowan, and just as Lesnar is starting to match strength with Braun and lift him up in the F-5, Harper and Rowan jump in to attack Lesnar again and Brock finally goes down. After much assaults with big boots, clothelines, steel chairs, and Strowman's lifting arm triangle choke, Bray comes in and puts the final touch on it by hitting Lesnar with the Sister Abigail.

    If it wasn't for the fact that I would really love to see Bray actually win whatever his Wrestlemania program is next year, I'd fancy seeing this match down at WM32. Brock vs Strowman happening on a PPV during the build-up would be awesome, too. Oh well. If the Wyatts are still heels by next year's Summerslam, hopefully it can go down there.
  2. I'd be fine with it happening whenever. Bork wrecking people is always fun.
  3. That would be very fun.
  4. I would say its a likely feud to happen. If WWE puts Bray Wyatt in a feud with The Undertaker twice in a year, then he's definitely one of the very few young guys that they would put in a program against Lesnar.
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  5. Honestly, I can only see this as a realistic possibility for a live event that they have Brock booked for
  6. Are you joking?.. Bray Wyatt could barely win a match, he would get torn apart by Brock Lesnar. Wyatt can't beat anybody.
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  7. Blame it on Wyatt's booking.

    If he's supposed to be this monster heel, then they should let him be one. He should WIN sometimes, ya know.

    Talking a big game and then flopping is why nobody takes the Wyatts seriously anymore.
  9. I think the best way for this to go down would be in a Royal Rumble. No one in the Wyatt Family can stand toe to toe with Lesnar, not even Strowman, in a regular match. Have Strowman dominate the Rumble for a while... Like Diesel in 1994...Rikishi in 2000... knocking out about six guys as they come in... completely dominate...only to have Lesnar's music hit and Brock to come to the ring against him...

    I honestly think having a one on one between the two would be a waste of a Lesnar appearance. But put it in the Rumble and you have a moment that would get a good crowd response and wouldn't show off the fact that Strowman couldn't really have a good match against Lesnar.
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  10. lol They wouldn't treat Wyatt as some Live Event-special squash match for Lesnar. We can complain about Wyatt's booking and his win-loss record in big match situations all we want (and rightfully so), but WWE obviously values him to some degree to book him in back-to-back Wrestlemania programs with the likes of John Cena and The Undertaker. It isn't hard to envision them building him up as a future adversary for Brock either. Yeah, sucks that it'd be another big feud that he'd lose, but still.
  11. I am okay with this happening but I also wouldn't miss it if it never did. Bray hasn't been anything special for quite sometime now. He has been poorly booked for the last year. Not many people care like they used to about him.
  12. Yep. It's a shame he had such momentum coming off of his victories over Bryan and The Shield a couple of years ago, and now he almost feels like just another guy on the roster. Nothing that can't be somewhat rectified, though. Reuniting the Family and adding Braun Strowman to the mix was a good start, now they just need to remember that actually winning feuds can help get you over as a credible threat.
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  13. They could fix it if they start now but it likely wont happen.

    WWE - Ruining careers since.. well... you do the math.
  14. They don't seem compatible, in the least bit. But If it were to happen it would be a great match(s) and angle.
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