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  1. My username that is. You may have seen me post over on WF, but more than likely not. I was referred here by a user over there who goes by Proph, so I figured I'd come and see what this site was all about. Hoping for a more mature group of guys to discuss wrestling with and less Nazi modding.

    A little about myself; I recently turned 21 and grew up watching WCW in the mid 90s before turning my attention to the WWF during the AE circa 1998. I stopped following for a long time (couldn't give you a date, probably around when Rocky left as a full timer) but resumed my hobby of watching in 2010, around the time the Nexus angle was getting started. I now follow TNA (Impact Wrestling, whatever they want to go by) in addition to WWE, and have learned to take the good with the bad.

    Like it seems to be with most of the IWC, the majority of my favorite wrestlers are heels. My current favorites are Dolph (obviously), Wade Barrett (even though his new theme leaves me wondering how I can continue to root for the guy) and of course Y2J, who I still mark out for like a little kid.

    It seems this place has been growing quiet rapidly, so hopefully that will continue and I can be a part of it.

  2. Welcome to the site man! Really good detailed introduction, I like the title-pun :emoji_wink:.

    I'm also a member where you came from, you're right, the Nazi-modding drives me insane. I have to go back 40+ pages sometimes in one of their threads to get the ratings for RAW -.-. We're not like that here :emoji_slight_smile:

    I think I stopped watching WWE the same time as you, but got back into it 06/07, also recently got into TNA and also (again) take the good and the bad :emoji_wink:. Big fan of Wade and Jericho, always have been since both their debuts. Never used to like Ziggler but now I've become a huge mark for him, the guy has improved SO much. He's probably in my top 5 favourites at the moment.

    Thanks for signing up and hope you stick around :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. Welcome to WF :emoji_grin: I love anyone who's a mark for Barrett. The guy should already have world title listed on career achievements but I'll be patient I guess :emoji_wink:

    Also became a Ziggler mark this year, and always have been a Jericho fan.
  4. Btw, I love the .gif.
  5. It's gotten out of hand. I saw a thread comparing Goldberg to Ultimate Warrior and noticed it had been locked.. I read through and there was nothing but good conversation, no flaming, no bashing, no nothing, but some mod had stepped in and said 'WE DON'T ALLOW COMPARISON THREADS' I'm just like.. huh? So many of their rules make no sense, and there are too many meaningless squabbles about nothing. I just want to discuss wrestling with fellow fans, not try to one up people with snarky comments for the sake of being an ass.

    Edit: Just so many asinine and/or vague/meaningless rules. "no crap threads"- who's the judge of a crap thread? It's giving mods too much power. "No who's better threads".. really? "No Comparison threads"-- Jesus H..
  6. Comparison threads are great in my opinion, they need to be discussed. I love talking about two greats and comparing them. They're too strict there, tis' why I spend my time here to be honest.
  7. Welcome to WF Dolph.:emoji_slight_smile:
  8. Totally agree. As long as you have guys who know how to properly carry on a discussion they make for great debate. If you don't have that, well then the problem is in your base of users, not comparison threads. To just say 'well these kids always wind up in flame wars in comparison threads so out they go' is ridiculous

    Goldberg and Warrior were very comparable, so why not let us compare them!?
  9. Completely agree ^

    Already making some good posts here Ziggles :emoji_heart:. Might have completely ruined your gimmick calling you Ziggles though.
  10. Welcome to WWEForums. I must say you've beaten me already in terms of creating a great introduction thread as I started out similar to you by making high quality posts. You seem like a great addition to this site so I hope to see you around in the community more often. It's great to see another Dolph Ziggler fan as I'm one, myself. I can see you making high contributions to the site so therefore I'd like to see you around often because you can make a significant impact.

    I wish you the best in your career on WF, let's see where this road takes you. :emoji_slight_smile:

  11. No.
  12. Wow, hard to believe that's the same guy.
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  14. Love you Dolph's
  15. Stfu wit your old ass
  16. :yay: that's more like it
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  17. Still comes off as a douche, imo.
  18. Thank you, my point exactly
  19. 2 time 2 time 2 time motm winner.