Its about damn time Dean defended that title

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Feb 12, 2014.

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  1. Its about damn time Dean defended that title lke seriously how long has it been since last October from my research that is ridiculous and now its time for him to lose the title and become a jobber as really he hasent made any effort to prove why he should be US champion for that long
  2. He defended the title on RAW. Jesus. Also, stop making this thread.
  3. I know he defended it on Raw thats why I made this thread and saying how bad it is thats he finally defending it after all these months
  4. You made no reference to the match though. This shit needs to be shut down.
  5. Did anyone else secretly hope Reigns came out in answer to that open challenge?
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  6. I did. But it's still too soon for that.
  7. I'm pretty sure the majority of watchers were hoping that was going to happen.
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  8. Dean may certainly not be as good as Roman Reigns but there's no reason to assume he's going to lose the title and then immediately turn to a jobber.. although I wouldn't be crying if that did happen.
    I think he'll be pretty much in the exact same place Rollins is going to end up, somewhere in that midcard for years to come.
  9. You know I appretiate it wen peeple speel things proerly and use punctuation and capitolisation like thay shood

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  10. I disagree. I think they'll all three be upper midcard/main event for the majority of their careers, along with Cesaro and Langston.

  11. Were you dropped on your head when you were a baby?
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  12. I was hoping he did!!!! I was thinking what a perfect angle. Dean gets DQ on purpose in fear of losing to Reigns.
  13. Not me. Reigns is above the US title.
  14. Although this is true, Reigns having a short US title run against Ambrose would be great.
  15. Perhaps, but not by answering a random challenge. Only way Reigns winning it will seem fitting is if he wins it in a triple threat at Mania.
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  16. agreed, but what if he did do the challenge, giving a glimpse to the future. They put on a good show and then the Wyatt's ruin it for now; when it seemed like Reigns was going to win? Good angle I think.
  17. Terrible time for it. Why would Reigns want to be that daft to challenge Dean two weeks before they face off against a dangerous group like the Wyatts? Reigns isn't the one causing drama, that's Dean's role.
  18. true, but that doesn't mean it's a bad time for it. Dean keeps stirring trouble and Reigns reaches a small boiling point. Reigns isn't causing the drama, he would be simply responding to a challenge and I feel it would get the crowd into Reigns face turn. They're facing the Wyatt's, yes, but everyone can see that the main focus as of now is making Reigns turn face so why not give a glimpse o this turn regardless of the Wyatt's...doesn't make it worse.
  19. The crowd is already into Reigns' face turn. Did you hear the response when he jumped over the barrier for the Wyatt showdown?
  20. I never denied they weren't into him. Hence why they'd get into it even more if the shields music hit that night and he entered the ring and they had a small encounter before the Wyatt's show up. I mean imagine the crowds reaction if he showed up to challenge Dean that night. The buzz in knowing he's face turning soon would be immense.
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