Its about damn time

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jun 12, 2012.

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  1. Its about damn time Dolph Ziggler finally has his chance at the top spot and is in a championship match yesssssssssss. He deserves this so much he has bsuted his ass for so long. I know Sheamus is gonna retain but I hope WWE see he can perform at main event championship level and will continue this push for him
  2. He was in a month-long feud with Punk back in January... and a WHC feud with Edge in 2011..

    He's been here before. It's about damn time for him to actually win a title (and yes I know he technically has but fuck that BS 'title reign' )
  3. I really think dolphs going to win the WHC
  4. yes he deserves it :yay:
  5. I wish bro. I wish.
  6. You were happy with both those feuds? His feud with Edge was quite good but the feud with Punk did nothing for Ziggler really unfortunately.
  7. Where did I say I was happy with them? I mean, I'm happier with him being relevant on TV every week than not, but I wasn't a fan of the way either feud turned out. The whole way he won the title on SD against Edge from the spear being banned and him losing it 45 minutes later was more a hindrance than a help IMO, and I wasn't a fan of that at all. The match with Punk at RR buried the hell out of Ziggler, he was pinned for like 10 seconds on 3 different occasions in that match, and hasn't done anything very relevant since before last night.
  8. Dolph Ziggler is the future of the company and they need to push him!!!!!!!!! Im so happy for him. I so want to see gold around his waist
  9. And beat the future Super Cena?
  10. I really hope he wins. I don't think they will give it to him, but we can all hope.
  11. I saw that match and he was really good and deserves to win. Surprised he got Christian down though! I still think Sheamus will win though but I could be wrong.
  12. Dolph and any one else can beat super cena but if wwe wanted Supercena to win MITB He could easy take it away from Zig if he wins but Zig is the man Zig for WHC
  13. Ziggler isn't beating Sheamus. In fact, I'm adding it as a bet option.
  14. Neither one of the WHC Feuds did anything for him. The first feud was Edge vs Vickie, the second was Punk vs Johnny, with Dolph being a third spoke/peripheral player. For some reason WWE is horrified to let this guy stand on his own, like we ALL know he can do.

    This time he's nothing more than a Challenger of the Month, if he'd actually win then I'd be thrilled, but sadly he seems to have as much of a chance to win the WHC as I do.

    "Sheamus is just as over with or without the title right now, whereas putting the belt on Ziggler would give him instant credibility and could make him a star. Plus, it would give Smackdown a strong top feud." -PW.Net
  15. LOL Crayo got inspired by us saying zig to win
  16. He's already been there before, and this match will be a MOTYC, bank on it.
  17. He's just a filler because Del Rio is hurt. He'll unfortunately job to Sheamus again but I hope his feud with Swagger continues, they break up and Ziggler becomes an actual main eventer.
  18. It'll be very good but it won't be an actual contender for MOTY imo. Bryan/Sheamus was an amazing match but that doesn't come close to the likes of Punk/Bryan, Taker/HHH and even the recent tag-team match at Slammiversary. Sheamus just isn't good enough.

    I hope in the distant future we see a tweener anti-hero type face Bryan as champion feuding with mega-heel Dolph Ziggler.
  19. 15+ min Fella/Ziggler match can be bloody amazing.
  20. You could give Ziggler 15+ with Garrett Bischoff and it would be match of the night.
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