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    [size=xx-small]The comic is irrelevant except it made me laugh and is based around the center of this thread.[/size]

    El Generico recently signed a WWE contract and has worked dark matches both masked and shockingly unmasked, this has caused a very interesting issues within this forum. These are mainly based upon him losing his persona which he's crafted and was natural to him, which judging by his tag match with Ohno against members of the Wyatt family is still present. He's still the lovable goofy under dog masked or not, the persona of Generico is there just in separate packaging.


    [size=xx-small]If you haven't seen it please watch it before you comment on how his character has been butchered. [/size]

    Now the look which made him unique and I'm sure you'll say a positive aspect that's been taken away from him, whilst this can be interpreted as true it also opens up a lot of possibilities for the future. Under the mask even with independent freedom Generico had 3 roles : the comedic babyface, the darker babyface and the grumpy veteran in PWG. Now without the mask he can still portray these roles but it's open to others as he can express himself using his facial expressions, a trait many will argue is criminally underused.

    I agree I'd have liked the Generico persona to have stayed however him going through a gimmick change isn't an issue as he'll be performing as a very similar comedic babyface to the tole masked or not whilst allowing him an opportunity to branch out into other roles which would be limited without the mask.


    How do you feel about Generico's WWE name change into Sammy Sane?

    If it's an issue for you, why is it so?

    Why does is it so important to keep the indie personas when the WWE sign a new talent, the only one who came close was Punk and look how long it took him to reach his spot?

    Why do people believe indie gimmicks would pass over into the mainstream WWE setting? Stopspot covered it in another thread and how the gimmicks need to be altered radically to fit differing styles.
  2. Has the name Sammy Sane been confirmed yet?

    I'd wait and see still, see what his name will be.
  3. Nope its just different stuff in development I think currently.
  4. There's no profile up for him yet but he worked under it in a dark match at the latest NXT tapings. So I wouldn't say it is official just yet.
  5. I just think it's fucking dumb. It's WWE flexing dick for the sake of doing so. Even if it doesn't wind up making a huge difference in the end (it may or may not) there is no reason to repackage him in any slight way. Let him do what he does and get himself over.
  6. I disagree, he needed tweaking to fit the WWE mould. He won't be allowed to hit his holyshit spots every night for his own good, if he's working 300+ nights a week that'll take a lot more toll on his body than whatever he was working before and he needs more to him to fit in with WWE crowds, the premise is solid for the character but it needs changing up. Indie crowds are very different to WWE ones, you know all this so I sense this entire post was pointless but still.
  7. I just don't see the need in taking people completely away from their indy characters that got them so over.
  8. They're aiming for completely different audiences on the whole though.
  9. Yeah, but on Generico's case (at least) he had a gimmick that could work very well with WWE's audience.
  10. He really didn't as it lacked depth, his character was either generic smiley face who did big spots (mostly), darker wants revenge character for the injustice from Steen (never happening in the E under the mask) and grumpy vet against Rich Swann as an example in PWG. The premise was good but if you bring him up as the Generico persona in the WWE's TV setting it'd have lasted a few months before getting stale, he needed layers as he won't be ablle to hit the big spots to get him over all the time as it's alot more taxing on his body.
  11. I'll give you that as I have not watched much of what Generico did in the indies, but I'd still like it if he kept the gimmick mostly because the guy is more comfortable with it already and the fact that I'm not really sure WWE can come up with a good gimmick for the guy, it tends to end up really generic (no pun intended).
  12. Regardless of whether he's good enough to make a crap name work it still hinders his progress. It's another one of those needless WWE hurdles that talented superstars are required to jump over when they could be so much better. They didn't need to change his name but more importantly they shouldn't think that names like Sammy Sane are great names.

    I think a name can have great significant in the early stages of your career. Part of the euphoria around Ryback's debut is that he was called Ryback, and not "Skip Sheffield" or "Ryan Reeves" -- see the difference?
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  13. Yeah, two-part "normal" names are much more frequent than they should be these days.
  14. He still has the comedic underdog gimmick, watch the match in the OP. It's literally losing his mask and that's it, the gimmick is there it's just packaged differently. How is that a big deal?
  15. If they use the gimmick it's not a big deal, yeah. But I think dropping the mask and changing names just because is still sort of silly.
  16. Difference is Ryback is a serious character, Generico or Sammy Sane will be a comedic mid card staple it wouldn't hinder his progress, if anything going into the WWE mould will help him, see Cara as an example of how not fitting in is a problem. Generico is used to working with faster guys so he'll never be El Generico if he kept the mask, he needs to be something different as he can't hit the big spots he needs to.

    On my phone so that's probably rambling so ill fix it up after watching nxt.
  17. This is what I'm trying to say, people seem to be really annoyed about this name thing and saying it'll hinder his progress but it really won't.
  18. Seabs, for me I am displeased overall with NXT/FCW and their bullshit, not just in the case of "Sammy Sane".
  19. What exactly is it you don't like about NXT Dolph's?
  20. How they make every guy go through there seem like a vanilla midget jobber with a stupid ass gimmick and a terrible name.

    That is what I see of the guys who make it to WWE. I hear rumors of peaches and rainbows and a magical entertaining show they put out, but I don't watch it. I just hate what they do to developmental talent before shipping them to WWE to inevitably never get over with their stupid ass names and lack of gimmicks.
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