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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Danielson, Oct 31, 2012.

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  1. I'm a known h8ter of ryback. I do see some improvement however and am aware that he could drastically improve. I figured it would be easier to show you guys why than type it out because visual proof never lies. I took this footage from "Botchamania" IMO things like this is why he should not be main inventing raw or ppvs. I know Cena was out. Other guys botch but don't look this bad in the process.

    Do you guys see improvement? Do you guys think he will last long in the "e" i'm interested to hear respectful debates :-)
  2. All three of those aren't his fault though IMO. Yes that sounds markish but Tensai and Swagger obviously sandbagged (or grossly mistimed their "jumps") and Heyman probably doesn't even know what to do when someone goes to lift you above their head, and the fact he's overweight.

    However, there's areas he definitely needs to improve on. Larger move set, and working longer matches are some of those things.
  3. I can buy the two about Tensai and Heyman but i'm not sold on Swagger. That looked pretty bad overall
  4. Just watched it again, you may have a point tbh. I was thinking of another incident not involving Ryback, lol.
  5. I did think that him and Punk worked better at HIAC though to be honest. I think the more practice he has the better he will get. Still IMO could use some time and if he improves you can all say " I told ya so, Danny"
  6. Nah I actually agree with you. He was unfairly rushed into the ME but they had no choice really, and he was never going to be perfect. I do think his aura, charisma, look and intensity shows he is a future main eventer though.
  7. If he can put it all together he will be a force to be reckoned with. Obviously he won't have as big of a role in the upcoming months with the rock/brock/undertaker returning. A nice mid card match at mania might suit him better for the time being.
  8. Used to be a fan of Ryback, but he's waayy to far ahead that he should be. Loved his finisher when he first debuted, his other moves were.. alright. Other than that, he's a bit boring imo.
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  9. Ryback bores me still it all seems to predictable and the matches don't always seem to flow right as sometimes I think his timing is off.
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  10. I tend to agree with Cloud and Panda
  11. How high are you supposed to jump on one leg when the man is pretty much holding the rest of your body?

    Seems like he can only pull off the move on smaller guys.
  12. I agree. It's not like fat guys are capable of jumping off one foot. Also i've seen smaller superstars pick up the big show. It's all in his technique. Hopefully he squares it away.
  13. He hit it on Tensai on SmackDown, then the week after he couldn't, a lot of it is dependant on the receiver, not just the guy lifting.
  14. Smackdown is also a taped show and botches are cut out, so we never really know if he botched or not. He actually should be on smackdown at this point in time. It's the truth :smug:
  15. Urm, if he botched it on SmackDown and it needed to be re-taped then the whole IWC would know about it. He hit it perfectly on Tensai, then the week after he didn't, that's pretty much all the proof you need. Also, look at the video, Tensai sandbagged him horribly.
  16. I can spew out diarrhetic from my mouth and claim things I know nothing about like the IWC but quite simply put, at this point in time he is a garbage wrestler with a really good gimmick.
  17. IWC = Internet Wrestling Community, we're all part of the IWC here. My point was SmackDown is taped but spoilers are always leaked live and they always include botches and retapes, Sin Cara has had quite a few of them over recent times.

    Ryback had some decent matches in NXT and FCW as Skip Sheffield.
  18. I'm aware of what the IWC is, and i've been a wrestling fan since 99. Maybe that is why i'm so stubborn on accepting others opinions because I don't just talk about about watching talent grow because from 2004-20010 (when my first child was born) I would go watch the developmentals and ROH. I've seen them perform before they have even signed to the WWE or arrived in that respect. One thing I know about Ryback is that he does have respect for the buisness and is willing to learn which is the only way to get better. He has awesome potential. I know it's unfair to use this type of stuff because most everyone who reads this is overseas isn't offered the opportunities as a guy like me living in one of the hottest wrestling states in the world. My humble opinion has been stated and it's now up to you to take it for what it's worth. If you completely think i'm wrong then that's okay. This isn't directed at anyone in particular but I've been getting a lot of heat lately for my opinions and they are a knowledgeable and educated one. I just wanted to throw that out there before anyone else questions my knowledge of anything related to wrestling. I'll be the first to admit when i'm wrong though. I just think that a lot of the IWC have no idea what they are talking about. I respect opinions though if they are educated and Crayo is one that I do. So with that said, Ryback I wish ya the best. They say immense pressure turns coal into diamonds, so we will see. The jury is still out.
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  19. I guess there's a reason people have said they think he's unsafe to work with, ala Goldberg (supposedly.) But you never saw Goldberg botch this much lol. Even the kick that ended Bret Hart's career at Starrcade 1999 was just a freak accident. If you watch it in slow motion, it looks like a normal kick.

    So, come on Ryback. Lift up Tensai lol. Goldberg and even John Cena can lift up Big Show, you can't lift up Tensai or Paul Heyman?
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  20. No opinion is ever wrong, it's just fun to debate. I don't disagree with you either, Ryback shouldn't be where he is right now but that's WWE's fault for relying solely on Cena and Punk for star power. You should be brushing online debates off easy, who cares what anyone else thinks? Sensitivity and internet do not merge well :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.

    Kevin, Ryback lifted Tensai on SmackDown...
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