It's December...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. How the hell has 2012 gone so fast? I can literally remember Christmas time on WF last year...

    Jesus Christ. ly all xoxooxxo
  2. Reporting for excessive gayness.
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  3. I wasn't here last Christmas :tough:
  4. I was lurking this time last year and signed up in Jan. Doesnt seem 5 mins ago.
  5. This, OP is a sentimental fag.
  6. This takes me back to my days of, so nostalgic <3

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  7. Well im festive and all sentimental like Crayfag.
  8. Worst holiday season.
  9. FU haters
  10. Watch its a wonderful life an x-mass becomes great.
  11. Christmas is the best time of year. Most people are happy and it makes me feel happy :emoji_grin:

    Always got to remember about the people less fortunate than us though, the ones living rough etc. :sad:
  12. Winter sucks.
  13. Shut up Crayo, we all know you made this thread so your minions would reply since they pretty much want to suck your dick considering you own all of them. Thus getting you more ad impressions.

    It all makes sense now.
  14. Kyle you're adopted.
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  15. I wasn't on the forums but I actually have been thinking the same thing. As we get older the years seem to just pass right before me. Enjoy it while it lasts!
  16. 2011 was shit, I don't wanna even recall that year ever again personally.

    2012 was better for me, and it went down pretty damn fast.
  17. Minions lol. REALLY?
  18. Kyle is one of those guys Crayo flirts with for money.
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  19. Sorry, what did you say Mr. UID 20?
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