It's Hama Time: EC3 Faces Biggest Challenge Yet

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    Sting. Kurt Angle. Bully Ray.

    These are just a handful of names that Ethan Carter III has defeated enroute to his 1-year anniversary (and undefeated streak) in TNA. However, this Sunday in Tokyo, EC3 faces his biggest challenge yet -- literally! Ryota Hama tips the scales at 452-pounds and is a professional sumo wrestling superstar, accumulating more than 200 wins in his professional competition career.

    Hama then transitioned to being one of Japan's elite professional wrestling superstars, holding multiple titles across the country. Now, for the first time on American television, Hama appears and it's against the undefeated EC3. The stakes of this contest are, quite literally, humungous!

    As we've seen, EC3 does not back down from any challenge but, surely, the size of his opponent would be intimidating to anyone. How can EC3 find a weakness in Hama's game and capitalize on it? If he's victorious, EC3 will, most likely, make the argument that he is one of the most dominant performers in TNA and should be in line for a shot at TNA gold -- and who could blame him?

    Then again, think about it from Hama's perspective. His first night in TNA, he is faced with the challenge of a dominant performer with a year-long unbeaten streak. Imagine what the landscape of TNA would look like if Hama is able to come in and, in one night, do what no superstar has been able to accomplish in one year - defeat Ethan Cater III.

    We've reached out to TNA Executive Director Kurt Angle, who informed us that he will be watching the match closely and the results will have major ramifications for both men.

    This Sunday is a once in a lifetime night of professional wrestling and this matchup is truly something to get excited about. Don't miss the spectacle as Bound For Glory goes to Tokyo, Japan and Ethan Carter III faces Ryota Hama!


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