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  1. *Buster Gates is chilling backstage in his locker room. A woman is tending to his toe nails and another woman is applying his face cream. Reginald is standing close by, awkwardly looking around the room.*
    Reginald: Your masseuse is due any minute sir.
    Buster Gates: Mhmm... This is the life, Reg.
    Reginald: Indeed...
    *There is a knock at the door. Reginald walks over and opens it slightly. He closes it again.*
    Reginald: Sir, uhm...
    Buster Gates: Send her in!
    Reginald: Actually, it's Ryan Blake. Should I tell him to come back later?
    Buster Gates: Oh... Nah, bring him in.
    *Reginald turns and opens the door again. Ryan Blake walks into the room with his European Championship over his shoulder. He quickly realises what is happening and looks puzzled. He turns to Reg who shrugs his shoulders. Buster sits up and looks over to Ryan. The two women walk out of view.*
    Buster Gates: Ryan! Don't mind the shit on my face, it helps with making me look even better than I already am.
    *Buster chuckles and realises Ryan isn't joining in so stops.*
    Buster Gates: *Mutters* Killjoy... So! What's going on big man?
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  2. *Ryan Blake sits down on one of the open chairs. Ryan Blake continues to look at Buster Gates as he smiles back at him. Ryan Blake is still a little confused at Buster Gates for these womanish antics.....He always wondered why Buster Gates acted like this. He just thinks he's gay....or has mother problems. Reginald offers Ryan Blake a glass of champagne which Ryan accepts, drinking the whole thing in one go. Buster Gates seems impressed as he begins to drink a glass of champagne. Ryan Blake begins to speak*

    Ryan Blake: Thanks, Reg. I'm here to talk tactics for our match this week. I always love going in and just breaking my opponent in half but that probably wouldn't be smart.....Tag Team matches can always fuck anyone over. We should tag each other in every 2 minutes or so. Those two guys just want glory and they will fuck up because of that.....And we will end them when they do. We also have the power and strength. We have a simple plan, tag each other regularly and power our way to victory. Everything cool with you guys? I need to go on a Pokemon Go walk so we cool?
  3. Buster Gates: You do your own Pokemon Go walks? Check out Reg's calfs. Reg, lift your trouser leg up. Reg! Do it!
    *Reginald reluctantly does so.*
    Buster Gates: Pure muscle. He's been doing 10k's every morning and night. Gotta hatch those eggs if you know what I mean! Anyway, I kinda agree with you though. Quick tags is the way to go, but hey listen... If I end up being pinned and I lose this title, this shit will not stand. You'll have more problems than just me and my boys in Team Instinct taking over your gyms, alright?
    *Buster takes a sip of his champagne.*
    Buster Gates: This is MY Undisputed Championship. I get that you've got your belt on the line too, and that's cool and all, but we've got to keep this...
    *Buster points at his belt which is on a nearby table.*
    Buster Gates: With me. Without that, The Monarchy will be lacking without the main belt.
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