It's Just like the WCW to WWE transfers....

Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Rampaiger, Apr 20, 2016.

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  1. Hello guys I am your newest defective, Rampaiger.

    Hoping to carry on the good times that were had on TWF with everyone that has come over as well as everyone here!
    I follow Liverpool and I am a stronger believer in the religion of Gaben

    Just for some wrestling background, I watched when I was younger not that much because I didn't have the channels, had an hour highlights every Sunday morning which I rarely watched due to football.
    Came back in to since Wrestlemania 30, didn't know pretty much 90% of the people on the card but here I am today, a true smark. Since then I've watched every PPV live (in crappy GMT time), been to 3 shows, Smackdown last year in London (Bryan's last match), TakeOver: London (still can't believe I was there) and Smackdown from yesterday (yes well ummm, I suppose I saw Anderson and Gallows)

    Anyways thanks for having me!
  2. Welcome to the forums, dude. Enjoy your stay!
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