Its me, Its me, Its that DX_lives_on

Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by dx_lives_on, Aug 30, 2012.

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  1. Hi all. Using the template here is my responses

    Name: Dave, you can use DX_LO if its easier
    Age: 34
    Favourite Superstar & Why: Obviously a big DX fan, but was mainly a fan of the New Age Outlaws
    How long I've been a fan of wrestling: since the Attitude era, however I did watcha few PPV's earlier than that
    Favourite Wrestling Company: The WWE as its mainly what I have seen
    How did you find the site? I believe Vince McMahon tweeted me on twitter
    Will I be active here: I will try for a while. I am active on another board to do with wrestling, just thought I'd look

  2. you're damn right i did :kiss:

    Welcome to the forum!!! hope you enjoy it!!

    what do you think of HHH's 'retirement'
  3. Hello, and welcome to the forum, be sure to remain active, and if you need help in any way don't hesitate to contact any member.
  4. HEEEY! :emoji_slight_smile:) Is it a coincidence that I was watching DX funny clips on YT when you posted? :emoji_grinning:

    Welcome, and enjoy!
  5. Hey Dave, welcome to the site mate.
  6. Welcome to the forum, DX_LO! I hope you'll find time to participate and be active over here. Enjoy it!
  7. Welcome to the party. Im the resident online racer with the wrestling themed rides. Enjoy your time
    Welcome to the forums :boss1: hope you enjoy your time here :win:
  9. Farooq did you just steal my catchphrase which I stole from Road Dogg?
  10. Welcome to the forums bud, have a nice time.
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