It's me, It's me, It's the T-U-M-B AS

Alex Jones

Meanie Boy
Soooooo it's been super long since I joined here, and super long since I was a member here, but due to shenanigans and my old #1 forum turning to a pile of shit bricks, me and some other gay lord Idiot #2 Idiot #2 decided to come here.

So hai. Gonna drop off some shizzle to let you understand me:
  • Full of Banter. I mess around a lot, normally take the piss/pull your leg/push peoples buttons. But I do it for a laugh, I'm a awesome guy after all
  • I don't really have favorites in wrestling, I have my own opinions sure, but they change all the time.
  • I watch WWE but I really dig RoH and PWG, yet I never have the time to watch them, so WWE is my "main"
  • I like making GFX and some booking. I am a very creative person. (which I also relate to my slightly recreational drug use...) So being new here I might try to flourish in those aspects.
  • I am a lad, feel free to chat over dumb shit. I aim to make people laugh.
I hope that guise from the other forum are active here and I can still chat, but I am exited to start fresh and be the Eva Marie of the forum xD

So to sum this off...

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