Kayfabe It's Mr Vega To You, Peasant.

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  1. Once again, we are joined by the presence of royalty, namely The King Of The World, Andersen Vega. He is, as usual, on his couch, looking at his phone, getting increasingly angry by the second.

    Andersen: Come on, Vaporeon! Come on! Please!... God damn it! Why do you keep giving me those stupid Flareons!? Fuck you! Stupid motherfuckers! Twenty two! Fucking twenty two Eevee Evolutions and not one, NOT ONE VAPOREON! What a shit game!

    Vega throws his phone over his head and it lands in his gym bag that's on a chair... Like a freaking professional. Vega is seemingly pouting at this stage, not knowing what do.

    Camera Man: Uh, Andersen?

    Andersen: It's Mr Vega to you, peasant.

    Camera Man: Okay, Mr Vega?

    Andersen: What do you want, cretin?

    Camera Man: We're live...

    Andersen: Weren't you meant to count down from 5 or something? Ya know, like... 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and action!

    Camera Man: I did... You were too busy shouting at your phone.

    Andersen: I see... Your fired.

    Camera Man: Wait, what? You're not my boss!

    Andersen: Really? What does it say on this T-Shirt?

    Camera Man: The Monarchy...

    Andersen: And?

    Camera Man: "We Rule This Shit".

    Andersen: Exactly... If I want you fired, I can get you fired... So, from this point. You're fired. Now get out of my locker room and leave the camera exactly where it is please.

    Camera Man: Wait, Sir please! I have a family! Without this job I can't afford to feed them. Please don't do this, I'm begging you!

    Andersen: Hmm, ya know... I understand the meaning of family and I know that I would do anything to keep them afloat so I tell you what I'm gonna do. I may let you keep your job if you do one thing.

    Camera Man: Anything!

    Andersen: Beg... Get on your hands and knees and beg. Like the bitch you are.

    The Camera Man wastes no time, almost diving to his knees.

    Andersen: Get in view of the camera, idiot. I want to capture this moment.

    The Camera Man, still on his knees, begins to shuffle and crawl towards Vega and into the frame of the camera.

    Andersen: Now, beg. Convince me to let you keep your job.

    Camera Man: Please sir, you know better than anyone the meaning of...

    Andersen: Nope, not good enough... You're fired. Leave.

    Camera Man: NO! Please don't do this! PLEASE!

    Andersen: Oh for fuck sake, we got a crier.

    As this is all going down, Jack Rogue opens the locker room door and enters the room completely confused as to what's happening.

    Andersen: Oh good, Jack. Can you please throw this worthless piece of shit out of my locker room?

    Jack: What did he do?

    Andersen: Nothing... That's the point. He didn't inform me that we were live. He didn't do his job and so I fired him.

    Jack: Sir, I think this is completely unnecessary and unfa...

    Andersen: Jack... If you don't throw this pleb out of my room I'll fire you.

    Jack: Anders...

    Andersen: NOW! Jack. I'm quickly losing my patience here.

    Jack, disappointed at hat he's about to do, helps the Camera Man to his feet and walks him to the front door. The Cammera Man, head in his hands, leaves the room and Jack closes the door.

    Andersen: Thank you. You could've been a little rougher on him, ya know, grab him by the neck or something but he's gone and that's all that matters. I'm glad your here Jack. You always seem to show up when the camera's rolling. I think you're turning into a media whore or something but nonetheless, I have a gift for you. Just a little something something to go with your new skin and hair colour. And cool goatee by the way.

    Vega gets off of the couch and heads towards him gym bag. He grabs his phone and tosses it onto the couch and then gives the gym bag to Jack.

    Andersen: Here you go, my friend.

    Jack: A gym bag? Gee, thanks.

    Andersen: The gift is in the bag you nitwit!

    Andersen drops back onto the couch and picks up his phone, probably going back on Pokemon Go. Meanwhile, Jack puts thee gym bag back onto the chair and reaches into it. He pulls out a pair of wrestling tights, in the style of Andersen Vega's old tights, but customised with Rogue's logos and colours. The attire looks pretty damn good if I do say so my self.

    Andersen: I made them myself.

    Jack: Wow, these actually look pretty good.

    Andersen: Well, yeah. Can't have you looking like shit now can I? The rest of the gear is in the bag as well, I want you to wear that from now on since your current attire sucks.

    Jack: Uh, okay... Thanks, man.

    Andersen: You're welcome buddy. Now get the hell out of my locker room. I need to cut a promo on my Triple Threat tonight.

    Jack: Okay... Thanks again.

    Jack grabs the gym bag and leaves the locker room, leaving Vega alone with the camera.

    Andersen: Now... Triple Threat match. European Championship. Why am I in the match? Well, to be fair, the match needed a big name. I mean, come on, nobody wants to see Joseph Coal and a comic book character go at it. I'm the only reason that this match is even remotely interesting. Tony got lucky last week and lets face it, even with a championship he's no where near at the level of me. Joseph on the other hand has impressed me recently. He's on quite the run right now. He beat The Scat and Jack Rogue, two very tough customers... But it's nothing that I ain't done a million times. I never had to walk around and brag about a non-existent undefeated streak just to get respect because I am recognised as the Best Professional Wrestler In The World both alive and dead. I don't need to go around and remind everyone that since my return I ain't lost a one on one match because everyone already knows that I'm the best. And at Summerslam I'll prove that yet again. That title is as good as mine but I wish you both the best of luck nonetheless, because you'll both need it.

    Vega gets off his couch and pushes the camera over and cutting the feed.

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