Ring of Honor It's official: Kaz is coming

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, Jun 5, 2014.

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  1. ROH.com

    We all knew it was coming. But now it is confirmed.
  2. lol ROH nothing but TNA cast offs

    am i doing it right
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  3. I might actually pay for this ppv. I dont watch RoH but they are really grabbing the ball and rolling with it lately with their TV, PPV, and signing of stars.
  4. Somewhat. AJ Styles and Daniels started off in ROH. This is Kazarian's debut tho
  5. Will they still be called Bad Influence?
  6. No. Apparently TNA has the rights to the name.
  7. TNAs originals were mostly former ROH guys, they're just coming back home.
  8. No. Daniels said something about Bad Attitude or something, don't know was he joking or what.
  9. :yay: Life is good
  10. Thats awesome (Kaz vs Kendrick at PWG ELEVEN)
  11. Coulda made a PWG eleven thread since this is for ROH.

  12. Fantastic
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  13. bwuahahaha

    oh, TNA, you silly bitches. Such an easy ball to not drop. good for ROH. They could challenge TNA as the #2 N. AMerican company soon
  14. I just love these men so much. I'm so damn happy.
  15. Kaz would do well anywhere, but ROH is a fine place to land.
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