It's official, we are screwed

Discussion in 'RAW' started by the_hoff, Nov 12, 2013.

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  1. It's over people, we are effed in the a. Last night, watching Cena's entrance, I realized that our fate was sealed. Anyone notice what Cena's shirt said? U can't stop me. It's joked around that Cena is Superman, unstoppable, blah blah blah. Well, I think the E has officially dubbed him Superman, hence the shirt. They're rubbing it in our faces. They are mocking us. Look at his match too. Cena won cleanly in a handicap match. He obviously didn't want to put Cesaro over by allowing him to do the Cesaro spin on him. Here's to ya Vince :finger:
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  2. Yet he spent the entire match helping make the real Americans look as good as possible.
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  3. The Real Americans made The Real Americans look good.
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  4. Obviously their own ring skill made them look great, but Cena helped. Cena took everything they threw at him and sold it well. The match was incredibly well worked from all parties involved and it got good airtime. Just like every match Cena has had since returning it was a solid bout.

    Losing against Cena didn't hurt the Real Americans. Cena is the face of the WWE and top dog. He's supposed to overcome the odds and stand on top, just like Austin, Rock, Hogan, Backlund and Sammartino before him. The fact that the Americans could go toe to toe with the world champ is a great rub for them. Cena should only be beat when it means something, like setting up a feud or to make a new star. Them losing didn't hurt them one bit.
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  5. Pretty sure that (kayfabe) a world heavyweight champion should be beating a tag-team that have only just stopped being used as irrelevant jobbers.

    I'm glad Cena's back, and The Real Americans are looking great in their recent matches against him.
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  6. They may as well have Cena come out next week wearing a cape and pretend to fly around. I'm sure his fanbase (kids) would go batshit for it
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  7. Yup. Kayfabe wise singles wrestlers should beat tag wrestlers, especially world champs.

    The Americans are gonna come out of these little outings with Cena looking like top dollar competitors. They'll be big parts of the tag division me thinks unless they split.
  8. Yeah. They're probably the team to win the belts off the Rhodes bros, unless they want to push Cesaro as a singles competitor.
  9. His match was MOTN in my book, chief.

    Cena's shit has been great since he's been back, and anyone who complains about it had better have LOVED where ADR's reign was before it happened.
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  10. I'm hoping Harper and Rowan are the ones to win the belts from the Rhodes. I like The Real Americans as a team, but I'm still hoping they split sooner than later and Ceasro gets a singles push. They'd make great challengers for the belts against Rhodes and Goldust before the split happens, though.
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  11. lolbro no.

    RA spend another year together and have at least ONE tag title run before splitting.

    RA take it from Rhodes, and all 3 teams split in order. Shield...then Rhodes....then RA.
  12. Don't like the idea of Harper and Rowan winning them at all. Look at the Shield, another trio, holding the belts... terrible.

    What I'd do with the tag division now:

    -Rhodes & Goldust hold onto the belts until around the Royal Rumble/Elimination Chamber PPV.
    -Drop them to The Real Americans. Goldust costs them the titles, turning heel and a match v Cody at WM is setup
    -Have The Real Americans v The Usos at WM. Would be a great match. Cesaro can leave after this.
  13. Liked Stop's post for the Backlund mention. Great stuff.
    I wasn't bothered by Cena winning, he's a top guy and Cesaro and Swagger are just in the tag division. Cesaro not swinging him annoyed me though. :downer:
  14. You all support and praise little Johnny boy now, but The Hoff guarantees you all will be sick of Superman's shit in about a few months, when he's stil holding the WHC, and squashes all of your beloved wrestlers. I should just show up and challenge Cena for the title, at WM. Imagine the buyrates. David Hasselhoff vs John Cena . Icon vs Icon. The Hoff = Cena's kryptonite. Hustle Loyalty Hoff. Screw David Arquette that wannabee
  15. Whoever wasn't bored of your hoff shit before that post will be now.
  16. Bored? Yeah, whatever. Yet you all obviously care enough to keep on replying to my posts. You make sooooo much sense. :jeritroll::adr:
  17. The Shield winning the belts felt underwhelming for a different reason, though. They had come in strong and gone over everyone in the company from Ryback to Cena to Orton to Undertaker, and so it felt like a major step down to win the titles and thus have to defend against opponents who were of a lesser stature than the ones that they had already been facing. But regardless, I can still see The Real Americans lasting as a team long enough to win the titles. Like with the Rhodes, I could see their loss of the titles being the catalyst for them splitting as a team.

    Also, I agree with how you've booked it. It reminds me of the same angle they ran in early '94 with the split between Bret and Owen Hart. They had issues because of something that happened at Survivor Series, but then they reunited for the Rumble so that they could take the tag belts from The Quebecers, but shit happened and they lost, Owen blamed Bret, turned on him, etc. Build to their match at WMX. Same deal here, except the Rhodes losing the belts (instead of simply failing to win them) would be what drives Goldust to turn on Cody. A very similar Brother-Against-Brother angle, twenty years later.
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  18. Cesaro and Swagger haven't been getting to many wins, and John Cena is a World Heavyweight champion who just defended his World title twice, one against a Money in the Bank winner who ambushed him before match, and another against a multiple former world champion. Cesaro and Swagger haven't had really a good time in getting wins as of late, even though I remember them picking up one win recently, but aside from that they have been losing constantly. The World Heavyweight champion shouldn't be losing to a team that barely gets any wins, and he did it in a fine way. If this was anybody else, I doubt you would be complaining, so calm your panties Hoff.
  19. The Hoff certainly thinks Goldust working as a heel could be interesting..hmm could work. He wouldn't be as great of a heel as The Hoff, though.
  20. I wouldn't? Really? Okay, I guess you're a mind reader of some sorts. Damn. I did not know that. :wtf: Get out of my head!
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