WrestleMania It's only 2 days away.....

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by DarksideTrin, Mar 30, 2012.

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  1. Yep. Wrestlemania!!

    2 days away!!!

    2 days from the granddaddy of em all!

    The only problem is...

    It's 2 days away!!

    So, how are you going to fill the time!

    Luckilly I have tonnes to do.
    Tonight. Work at the store. We have Friday night magic to run
    Tomorrow. Up early. Drop daughter at grandmas. Taking son and wife to Vancouver for the day. Watching " hunger games" In afternoon then we are taking him to his dirt ever NHL game where our favorite team the Calgary flames beat the Tar out of my wife's team. Those dirty rotten stinking cheating fan rioting vancouver Canucks!! #someonesleepingonthecouchthatnight

    Sunday. Work the store! Until wrestlemania

    Stay busy peeps!
  2. CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Unfortunately. Unless u plan on inducing a 2 day coma... What's the weekend plan?
  4. Tonight: Watch a movie then sleep.

    Tomorrow: Training, training, training.

    Sunday: Training, Store, Head out for a while, Wrestlemania Pre-Show and then comes Wrestlemania 28.
  5. Well I am order it. But idk but I just can wait!
  6. Man I might not get to watch WM! That's why I am depressed.
  7. Why not? Anyone with a computer can watch it.... I am choosing to watch it in the 60 inch tv at work
  8. I think he has some hard school stuff to take care of.
  9. That's a priority issue....!! Do that from now till Sunday to pass the time. Then take 4 hours off
  10. Not even school stuff my mum is leaving the country on saturday and I might go to my lame cousins on Sunday.
  11. Well you must be a kid because it seems like you can't take decisions for yourself or am I wrong?
  12. Just order it at your cousins house!
  13. Not sure if I'm excited or nervous. I really don't want it to suck.
  14. it bettert be good
  15. Well I might have to go but maybe will come back in time for the main event match. And @[Sylar] I am a freshman in high school and sadly I live in a family where you are forced to do many things lol.
  16. I force my kids I to slave labour at my store. Hey BOY put this game on console 3 and quit yer bitching. I'll get yet dinner when the floors are swept!
  17. :lol1:

    But they get as many games as they want :emoji_slight_frown: :sad:
  18. Unless a tv is needed then I kick their tiny asses off
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