It's scary how good I am.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Dec 1, 2012.

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    :tough: :boss1:

    Yeah guys who don't play Fifa can gtfo.


    Let's see how many of those tags worked.

  2. Fifa is for homos Crayo. Ya big homo.

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    Just kidding I love Fifa! Nice W/D/L record!
  3. 30 losses? dam u suck.
  4. I'm buying fifa for my kid for christmas, just so i can try to beat you lol.
  5. You wish, play me fag.

  6. If you're that good why are you in the relegation zone? :pity1:
  7. I don't like fifa that much... Good job though, I guess.
  8. I'd kill u in NHL Hut!! Top 800 in the world!
  9. Don't listen to him, he sucks in reality, that's all photoshop - I beat him all the time.
  10. Looks shopped.

    30 wins but still only fighting for div. 5 title?
  11. All joking aside it isn't shopped at all, I checked his record the other day and it was 22-0. The only reason he's fighting for the Div5 title is cause you have a certain amount of points you have to get to gain promotion.
  12. Why are losses in the first column?
  13. Fifa... Don't sells. Meh, I've seen better.
  14. Tried to install the other day, took me like 45 minutes. Graphics ain't my thang'

    I've only played three games in division 5 - won them all - but need 19 points to get promoted. I was shocked myself how many games you need to play to just reach division 5 lol.

    Total domination noob.

    I'll take another photo if you want from the left hand side of the TV where you can see my GT and current division record?
  15. Just played two more and won, new screenie for @[Jonathan]

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