IT'S SHARK WEEK - We Spotlight The TNA Original and Masked Fan Favorite

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    It's time for the annual shark frenzy on television - flying sharks, great whites, mega jaws, hammerheads and more are all on the hunt and swimming across your big-screen! So to celebrate we are taking a look at Shark Boy! the longtime masked TNA Wrestling superstar and fan favorite from The Deep Blue Sea! A TNA original, the superstar debuted with TNA in 2003 and has made many memorable appearances over the years! Check out photos and videos from Shark Boy's TNA career - including an early appearance for TNA in 2003, his infamous awakening from a coma, sit-down interviews, plus his recent appearances on the "One Night Only" events!

    Height: 5'10" Weight: 205 pounds
    From: The Deep Blue Sea
    Finishing Move: The Chummer
    Entrance Video:

    Shark Boy Photos:

    Shark Boy Videos:



    Shark Boy Wakes Up From His Coma (2008):

    Fish Market Street Fight (Destination X 2008):

    Early Shark Boy appearance : X Division Tag Team Match (2003):

    (Includes early TNA footage of Shark Boy, Jerry Lynn, Christopher Daniels and the TNA debut of Chris Sabin!)

    Will James Storm pick Shark Boy as his tag team partner? (2013): {youtube}{/youtube}

    Shark Boy Is Back - Oh Shell Ya! (2008):

    Shark Boy Wants A Street Fight! (2008):

    Spin Cycle: Slammiversary Special with Shark Boy (2008):

    Hermie's Hotseat: Interview with Shark Boy (2009):

    Spin Cycle: Shark Boy, Eric Young, Magnus, Jordan (2010):

    Interview With Curry Man And Shark Boy (2008):

    SHARK BOY FUN FACT: Did you know that Shark Boy originally came up with the name for TNA's annual "Slammiversary" event?


    Watch Shark Boy in action during our recent "One Night Only" Pay-Per-View specials! TNA "One Night Only" PPV events air on Dish Network, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Charter, Cox Communications, Cablevision, Bright House, Suddenlink and more - check your programming guide for availability! You can also watch them online at our YouTube channel,

    Featuring Shark Boy: Available On YouTube & DVD: One Night Only - 10 TNA Reunion:

    Featuring Shark Boy: Available on demand on Pay-Per-View and YouTube: One Night Only - Hardcore Justice:


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