Kayfabe It's showtime.

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  1. *The Video starts in an old locker room, The sound of rain and thunder echo in the room as the rusty door slowly opens and two figures enter the room, One moves out of shot as the other sits down and starts to put on ring gear.
    The Gear is red and black with a red "CY" Decal on each side and has he stands up the back of the trunks read in black text "Chris Young".
    The camera pans up as lights turn on around him and he stands up smiling with a microphone in his hand.*

    Chris: Exodus, It's showtime!
    I'm Chris Young and this week I make an impact, But my spotlight is hogged by two losers ,Well one loser mainly and that's Mondragon, And Ty Creed is good, but I'm better...I'm Mr.showtime baby!
    And I can't wait to show my skill in this ring and show the Exodus universe that I'm no joke when wrestling.
    Win or Lose, I don't care as long as I look good and maybe winning is a bonus, But anything is better than taking the pin.
    Ty and Mondragon ha what kind of name is that haha.
    You’re gonna have to run me over with a car, to get rid of me. I'm just that damn talented!

    *Chris stands up and walks out of the room, The camera follows him to a ring with Exodus aprons and banners inside an empty arena as he walks around the ring his theme starts to play lightly in the background.*

    Chris: And I know what you are saying "Oh This guy is talking up his behind", Well Let me show you when I step into that ring.
    I sit here and want to prove myself and I don't care who hates I always have someone at my side and she will be with me later on, We are the future and the fire that fuels it.
    I may be a young lion vs many here, But we have walked into the lion's den and now can you Survive?
    I’m going to take their asses and end their dreams in the flash of an eye and when your broken body is lying in the ring being helped out by EMT’s just remember the name Chris Young because Exodus, It’s Showtime!

    *The lights go out and the video ends*