It's so cold I make hot water evaporate

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Danielson, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. If anyone is in the midwest, you know that it's -10 out with -40 wind chills.

    Take a cup of hot water and throw it in the air, and you will see it evaporate/turn to dust.

    Here is a video of me doing it.
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  2. fuck that
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  3. Jeez dude. Thats pretty cool but christ thats cold.
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  4. -13ºF = -25.000ºC

  5. If i was in that weather I'd be hidden under my duvet all day lol. No getting me out that warmth in the mornings.
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  6. We are in a level 3 emergency so we aren't allowed to be on the roads until wednesday. No work at all, enjoying myself, but getting a little cabin fever.
  7. Thats insane, well to me never had anything like that near me.
  8. It's never been this cold before, I believe we set a record for our area. Lowest we usually get is about 2 degrees

    Crazy, because in the summer it gets to 100+ here. I live in a weird area.
  9. Looks nice though. Is it as in the middle of nowhere as it looks?
  10. My house is, but there are cities about 30 mins each way. Detroit is about an hour away, Cleveland about an hour and fifteen. I live in the middle of the woods lol
  11. Thats awesome. I'd love that close enough to drive down to go to a gig but no one around to annoy me at night and on my days off. Bliss.
  12. Yeah, the cities right near me aren't that big but a place like Toledo is a great place to play music. That's about 15-30 mins away, just not a real big city.
  13. I would camp under my bed with a machete and two cans of beans.
  14. I've heard of Toledo plus a few bands I like are from around the Ohio area. The Black Keys, Cloud Nothings, Yeah Yeah Yeahs plus Dave Grohl is from Warren.
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  15. -15

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  16. Napolean Dynamite
  17. I LOL'd at this.
  18. Lol off the road till Wednesday? It's gonna hit -40 something tonight we had 4in of snow and freezing rain last night, business as usual. Not even the schools close.
  19. "oh my god I threw it out the fence. Shit!"
  20. I'M NOT FROM CANADA! We got 13 inches of snow just last night though.
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