News It's still real to Roman's family?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Apr 2, 2015.

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    It's still real to them, dammit!
  3. lol they can't really see it as "real." rather, they see it as "real" in the sense that they felt Roman deserved it, he was lined up for it, and they felt let down as they were certain it was going to happen. I'm sorry, but idc who fought Brock that night, really. The match and ending was awesome with Rollins on top. Good job WWE.
  4. I can't take this news report seriously because this is all I can think of;
  5. 45 or 50? Well damn, they love getting busy
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  6. I'm sure this will help motivate WWE to try and salvage Reigns' botched push. I understand their disappointment but they should stfu and realize they aren't helping their boy out any by acting a damn fool
  7. A bit of a sidetrack, but aren't the Wild Samoans (Afa and Sika) known for taking wrestling too seriously? I remember reading that they got into it in the first place because Patterson got tired of them jumping the rail and attacking him during his feud with The Rock's granddad back in the day or something like that. So he decided to take them backstage and offer them training.
  8. Don't most people from that era take wrestling too seriously? They weren't that far removed from the days of pro wrestling still having some shoot elements

    They were born in the 40s lol
  9. Very true, a lot of guys from that era do take it very seriously.

    I can imagine Patterson going "I'm sick of these fucking Samoans trying to get me, I need to do something about this!"
  10. Sounds like a funny scene to witness (provided it's not you that they're mad at). Also don't think it's justified, but I do understand their frustration.
  11. Yea, not sure why everyone is laughing at them like they are viewing this through the eyes of a fan.

    This is the family business for them. It is much more akin to thinking your son is getting a promotion (in whatever field.. he could be an accountant, attorney, teacher, chef, what have you) and last second they give it to someone else. They thought Reigns was winning the top prize in the world for their business on the biggest stage and were swerved. The frustration is highly understandable.

    They aren't just like "hey wtf Roman is the best wrestler he shouldn't have lost!!!!" like some sour DB mark or something.
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  12. They overreacted, but it's understandable; the business is in their blood and they thought this was Reigns' big moment on the grand stage. The fact that he'll still win the championship later on doesn't mean they're wrong for feeling very disappointed as they had emotionally prepared themselves for seeing it happen at WM31. Word is they were only present at the show just to see that (as you would expect.)

    And let's not be hypocrites. People on this forum and others often have a total meltdown anytime something big doesn't go their way (i.e. Batista and Roman Reigns winning the Rumble over Bryan, etc.), yet it's Reigns' family that's overreacting? Really? Even though they have far more of a personal reason to be upset at the finish of this particular match than any wrestling fan has for being upset at the finish of ANY match?
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  13. Completely agree. I don't think it's unreasonable. This is their life and they all showed up with the impression that roman would win.
  14. He has been in the business for like five years and has won a rumble,headlined the biggest stage of them all and been part if a dominant stable. Boo hoo what a shit hand he has been given.

    Nothing against him even though his style does nothing for me, his family should shut the fuck up. He has no devine right to be champ.
  15. Not to be the devil's advocate here. But if the business if their life they should also know that things can change at any moment
  16. Eh, doesn't sound like that is what happened though. WWE knew what was happening but still led Reigns on to believe he was going over until midway through the show. I guess you may do that to assure a big spoiler doesn't leak or something, but it seems a little shitty to me.
  17. From what I gathered Roman knew pre-Wrestlemania. Brock knew since they told him during the contract signing. If Roman knew before mania kudos to him for keeping the kayfabe/news from his family.
  18. They said that Rollins only found out during the show, not sure why Reigns would have been more privy to it than he. Maybe he was, but that's not what I would conclude.
  19. Reigns now knows that he has to tell his father this kind of stuff to prevent a near stroke experience, again.
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