It's the War Games all over again..

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Saddlerrad, Apr 8, 2014.

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  1. I can just see it now.

    Flair returns and rejoins Evolution... We have the faces (The Shield and Bryan) vs the heels (Triple H & Evolution)...we have a mass brawl...the lights go out and then Sting zip wires down into the ring just like he did on the Hogan attack all those years ago. Did nobody else notice how many times Triple H said 'you want a war' during the final segment? It couldn't be anymore obvious. Sting will be a managerial/enforcer for The Shield and Co, whilst Triple H is the Vinny Mac of our time.

    It puts Sting over and means he doesn't have to get in the ring whilst also making sure that we don't have to rely on Taker again next year.

  2. Don't think Ric Flair will return to re-join Evolution. He's too old. Also, i'd rather see Sting in action with his baseball bat. He comes to WWE and everyone is chanting Sting, he then shakes hand with the faces as if he is on the Shield and Daniel Bryan's side but then Evolution came out and start to run towards the ring and Sting realises and then hits Roman Reigns with a Baseball hat and Triple H goes after Daniel Bryan, Kane attacks Roman Reigns with Sting, Batista takes on Ambrose and Orton takes on Seth Rollins. The first battle goes to the heel leading Evolution (Bare in mind, Sting is the new member of Evolution) + Authority to stay strong the first battle. Then maybe the fans turn on Sting and start booing Evolution.
  3. Any idea that puts Sting into a regular (or even semi-regular) wrestling role is a non-starter.

    If he has a WWE match, it needs to be the one against Undertaker at Mania (not saying I want to see it any longer, just saying that's the only actual match he should wrestle).

    I'm also not a big fan of the idea of Sting coming in and being part of a current storyline. With no Vickie Guerrero any longer, why not bring him in to be GM of Smackdown for a while?

  4. Honestly, without the Streak match vs Taker, fuck Sting in WWE.

    And he was one of my favorites as a kid growing up, but I simply don't care to see him anymore at this point.
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  5. Not really a point for Sting anymore, but as long as he doesn't wrestle, fine.
  6. Let's be real, the GMs serve no purpose. Maddox has done nothing in recent weeks, and Guerrero has only had involvement with the Divas.
  7. This
  8. Stinger Splash
  9. Let's be real. The GM's have had no purpose due to the overarching Authority storyline. If HHH/Steph/Kane were not there every week, then an "authority figure" has a place.

    On the other hand, having a face GM/Commissioner to oppose the Authority's figures can build more drama.

  10. Exactly, so no point in bringing in Sting to be GM if the whole authority storyline will continue.
  11. You're right, unless he's to be brought in as a face GM/Commissioner to oppose the Authority. Basic point is: HHH is "the boss" (at least he has been treated as such), which means he can get out of control, unless there's an equal authority figure that can counter his power. This has often been a role played by faces who are no longer (or temporarily are not) active wrestlers.

  12. I could only see this making sense if they had a team vs team match at Survivor Series or Summerslam. Also, Vince would be the more fitting person for this role.
  13. I would see Vince coming in to install the GM/Commissioner, then let them "run things".

  14. Still think it's too awkward, Sting and HHH don't have enough history between each other to have a good feud.
  15. They don't need history if the storyline's set up right.

    HHH continues to try and screw D-Bry and others who the fans back, starts to get out of control. Vince makes an appearance on Raw and announces that either he or the WWE Board of Directors is starting to question the judgment of HHH/Steph/Kane/The Authority and the decision has been made to put somebody in a position to counter their power. He then talks about somebody with a long history in the sports entertainment business, a man who has held numerous titles and who owes nothing to HHH, the WWE, or anybody else...except the fans. Then he reveals that Sting (who appears sans makeup, in a suit, MEM-style) is the man that he or the Board has chosen to do that. (Titles don't matter; they'll give him one.)

    Hence, no history between Sting and HHH is necessary. Sting is a known commodity by WWE fans (they voted the guy the best US Champion of all time, after all) and he's been a face for most of his career. Further, he's generally considered one of the best natural faces in the business while HHH is considered one of the best natural heels in the business. Their confrontations would be classic.

    (By the way, I know that won't be the wording of a Vince-brings-Sting-to-WWE promo, but Vince has good instincts and knows how to cut a promo, so I'm not too worried about what he actually says. It'll work, whatever it is.)

  16. It still seems that Sting and HHH wouldn't be as smooth as Vince and HHH. Although Sting is well known today (vote was probably rigged though), I don't imagine him playing a recurring on screen role would have too much effect. As for the face vs heel clash, although I'll admit that could be good, it still needs that smooth transition.
  17. I don't get how you could think that Sting and HHH couldn't have a smooth transition into a feud that would have this basic of a storyline. Both of them have handled much clunkier ideas than this one and done so with aplomb (hell, Sting was in the nWo.....and he handled that pretty well....and it made less sense than any storyline WWE's had in the last decade).

    And I love the argument (not that you're the only one that's made it, by far) that "vote was probably rigged". Because, if WWE was going to choose someone to win that poll, they would obviously choose the only guy in the poll who never wrestled for WWE. The other four, as I recall, all had been in a WWE ring somewhere along the line, but they chose to rig the vote in favor of Sting. That makes sense.

  18. Hard to explain, but with me there's a certain feeling of uncertainty that I have seeing this feud. I'm not exactly too excited to see that happen.
  19. each his own, I suppose.

  20. As I have so eloquently stated in another thread....Stinger Splash
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