Its time Alex Riley came back and at the top of the card

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Nov 3, 2013.

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  1. Just watching a house show clip from back in 2012 and it got me thinking it about time Alex Riley came back and at the top of the card again when he was feuding with Miz my god that guy that was on fire the crowd were hot for him and he could of been a legit top star by now but WWE dropped the ball on him and made him job on superstars and on NXT. I really think he needs to get that spot back and show he is worthy to be at the top of the card
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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Alex Riley is good, no main eventer though.
  4. If Riley goes to the top, Miz goes with him. WM main event @Senhor Perfect ?
  5. Might as well. The last few WM main events have been uninteresting anyway.
  6. The Rock as special guest Ref with HBK in one corner and Vince in the other.
  7. Big Show on a pole match
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  8. when was he ever "top of the card"?
  9. With Miz.
  10. That was the second match on the PPV though.
  11. Clearly you didnt see the time the spotlight was on him and the fans being hot on him. Alex Riley should be a main eventer
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  12. I did see it, He was mid card and had the 2nd match on the PPV. Not main eventing.
  13. BLFFL you are the greatest. LOL epic trolling.
  14. I agree, he was gonna pushed even more in 2011 and they killed it cuz of cena

  15. Totally agreed. Alex Riley has all the tools and the talent.
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  16. Riley isn't main event quality....Midcard, Yeah...He could win a Midcard belt but I wouldn't put him in the main event....
    What are you Smoking BLFFL? Can I have some?
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  17. C'mon guys. This is Alex Riley!! He's an incredibly talented 35 year old!! He's from Fairfax, VA!!! Who are you to doubt Alex Riley?
  18. I see it now! He's Like the Male version of Kelly Kelly....He's Uber Talented!
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  19. He's even better!! He's a wonderful spoiled little man from Fairfax, VA who claims Washington, DC as his hometown! Granted, I doubt he'd last 5 seconds on most streets on DC but who the fuck knows anything about Fairfax, VA? He does! Alex Riley!!
  20. I wonder what Merchandise we Can get from a Name like Alex Riley....He could be the Next Face of the WWE!
    Triple H....Take this guy off the 'To be Buried' List!
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