It's Too Bad The Kiss My Ass Club Isn't "PG"...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, Aug 22, 2013.

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  1. With a feud erupting between Daniel Bryan and the modern day Corporation led mainly by Vince McMahon himself (the Chairman of the company), I think it would be interesting to have Vince state Daniel Bryan as the newest inductee of the Kiss My Ass Club.

    We all know that eventually, there will come a time when Daniel Bryan is gonna physically assault Vince McMahon. It can't happen just yet because it needs to be built up to be an important moment, a moment where Bryan has had enough of the condescension and screw jobs (Summerslam was just the beginning) and the humiliation and decides to snap and attack his boss. And I think perhaps a perfect culmination of this is Vince trying to make Bryan join the infamous Kiss My Ass club. Vince could even insult his height again by saying Bryan will be the first member of the club that is so short he doesn't even have to kneel down to kiss his (Vince's) ass.

    And when he doesn't, Vince starts to get pissed. He starts to say that out of all the people who could refuse to kiss his ass, a little gnome like Bryan, who used to wrestle in armories and high school gyms in front of a 100 people tops, isn't gonna be the type of person that is too good to bend down and pucker up. He could also threaten to bring out HHH or Randy Orton or The Shield to make it happen by force if he has to. ("One way or another, you're gonna kneel down and kiss my ass!") So, Bryan pretends to comply and go along with planting his lips on Vince's ass cheeks, but after taking so long to do it, Vince begins to wonder what's the hold up and when he turns around, he receives a roundhouse kick to the skull, and he falls to the floor with his pants down. Maybe Bryan even executes the flying knee or the No Lock afterwards (hard to see him putting the submission hold on Vince though, considering it takes longer to apply than just a physical move out of the blue and by the time he does, someone might already be out to help Vince.) And out runs some help, but Bryan escapes through the crowd before they can get to him.

    I know this can't happen because of the PG rating, but it's a nice segment to think about regardless.
  2. HHH could always have the Kiss my foot club. Force whoever is inducted to crawl on the ground and kiss the sole of his shoe. Could work as a substitute.
  3. Would be a great segment to watch.
  4. Maybe if we are lucky they will drop the PG shit and go for it all they really need is another superstar to be seriously over and we could be in for some good storylines and no holding anything back matches.
  5. So going TV-14 equals great TV? And here I thought good writing equaled great TV.

    Great TV can and is written under PG guidelines. TV 14 wouldn't guarantee shit. And match quality isn't an issue. This year in particular has been one of the best in ring years for WWE in a long long long time.
  6. It does mean that they don't have to hold back when it comes to getting on the mic and you get hilarious tuff like chirs jericho pissing in regals tea or stone cold coming out in a beer truck and spraying everyone in beer shit like that aint gonna happen in a PG enviroment.
    When it comes to creativity freedom is the best policy not restriction i admit recently wwe has got better again but they could turn it up a notch and make it ten times better.
  7. Unless Stephanie replaces Vince's role here, I doubt I'll ever miss that segment especially when, as Dust pointed out, there exists a perfectly acceptable substitute.
  8. You really think you can't show implied urination or a beer bath on PG television? You are simply misinformed then.
  9. One of the best things in wrestling the nWo was done in PG, TV-14 doesnt do shit.
  10. Pg-13 is underrated
  11. d-generation x,stone cold,the rock,y2j,the godfather,val venis all these characters would of been toned down in a PG era ,im sorry but if you have to work within the limits of PG then that means you have less FREEDOM to do what you want and thats a fact.
  12. Those characters specifically Venis and Godfather wouldn't work in this day and age, They would lose sponsors and would make people look down at wrestling even more. Tehre is no issues with PG its just the writers, TV-14 would bring nothing to the current product.
  13. WWE make a lot of money from their sponsors by being PG, so they'll remain PG.
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