ITT: Invent never before used gimmicks

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Oct 22, 2012.

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  1. this should be interesting. What are some gimmick ideas that to your knowledge have never been used before that could be used, and if you are a real OG you can apply them to current wrestlers

    One idea I have is taking a small piece of a current gimmick but expanding on it. Remember when Joseph Park was feuding with Bully? He would get in the ring, not realize he needs a mic to speak, fail at getting in the ring through the ropes, not know how to wrestle, ect? The matches he had with Bully were HIGHLY entertaining using this dynamic. I was hoping they would expand on it and have him continue wrestling, but they never did.

    So basically you have a guy who is very timid, insists that he is not a wrestler, sucks in the ring, looks lost, ect, but then has times where he goes into a zone and busts out some sweet ass moves but then acts shocked like he doesn't know where it came from.
  2. I would like to see a Jekyll and Hyde style gimmick. Not sure if it has been done before but here is how I'd do it.

    I'd debut a new guy as your typical smiley happy go lucky face. Have him interact with guys backstage and be super nice to them, wanting to make a good first impression. Then a couple of weeks later he is set to make his in ring debut. He gets in the ring, shakes hands with his opponent and then just snaps, decimating his opponent. Once the bell rings after the pin he changes right back to his old self and doesn't realize what he has done.

    Alternatively use it on a heel who has just turned babyface. Take Cody Rhodes for example. He turns face and tries to put his long history as a heel behind him, but after a while he starts becoming a monster in the ring unable to control himself and he doesn't know what to do. I think it would make for some interesting psychology to it all.
  3. I think a diva needs a schoolgirl gimmick... Complete with wrestling in the schoolgirl outfit....

    Looking at YOU karma!!!!
  4. So Festus without the dumb act and in another attire? :pity1:
  5. That was mankind...
  6. Didn't watch wrestling when Gallows had that gimmick so don't know much about it. I even state that I don't know if it has been done before.
  7. I have a few but I'm not sure they would be allowed tbh, ill post once I have my laptop.
  8. Ignore the restrictions WWE puts in place due to having no sack in 2012.
  9. Mine would be a sex tape leecher gimmick.
  10. Yet ok then. :dawg:
  11. Wonder how a real pervert gimmick would go down.
  12. :ryan:

  13. Well this is something that's pissed me off for a while, but when you see gimmicks like Del Rio's where they have a shit tonne of money, yet, absolutely no explanation as to how? He's not the one for it, but why not have a guy who's rich from drug dealing? Honestly, it could get so much heat if done right, and yeah, it may seem a little ridiculous, but honestly, how much more interesting would that be than your usual dull ass heel?

    The PG censoring gimmick would be irritating as hell. Would be awesome seeing some guy come out and tell Austin to stop drinking or Rock to stop swearing and just generally call out anybody using what could be seen as foul language in his opinion. That may be too similar too Sandow to call original though.
  14. A teacher gimmick could work like that R'Albin. Have a part time teacher constantly correct the wrestlers, lol.
  15. It's pretty common knowledge that Alberto Del Rio was just born into wealth and isn't a self made man. Duh bro.

  16. Yeah, something like that. Or a Grammar Nazi gimmick, would infuriate the hell out of people. Though they would have to be really careful in case they fucked up themselves :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    I can never tell when you're being ironic, but I didn't know that :okay:
  17. You mean sarcastic, and yes he is. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P
  18. But he wasn't mocking me so wouldn't it be irony? I'm sure it's only sarcasm if it's intended to be hurtful?
  19. I'm not being sarcastic. Yahoo answers agrees with me, so you know it's real
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  20. I fucking love Yahoo answers so much.
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