ITT: list WWE superstars you could beat up

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jan 2, 2013.

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  1. One per post.

    I could beat up CM Punk. Assuming we fought under unified rules of MMA I would either take a decision or drop him in the 2nd with a right cross. He might try to wrestlefuck me but I'm confident in my sprawl. On the feet he would try his horrible kicks and they of course would have little to no affect. I would work the jab (he wouldn't be ready for my footwork) and start working quick combos to the head and body ala Nate Diaz. Eventually he would begin to retreat and I would follow, before pinning him up against the cage and continuing the barrage

    So what superstars would you be able to take in a fight?
  2. Hornswoggle
  3. Ricardo Rodriguez and hornswoggle :maybe:
  4. Ricardo would likely drop you
  5. Mark Henry
  6. Daniel dilucchio :pity:
  7. Sheamus. Wigga can't even beat up Tatsu.
  8. To people saying Swoggle: don't sleep on midget strength. It's not quite retard strength but I bet you homeboy is pretty stalky
  9. The Shield, because they're pussies.
  10. Antonio Cesaro.

    US Champion vs US Champion :yes:
  11. I need Better breakdowns of how these fights would go down. Just saying you could beat them up without explaining how is pointless
  12. I can beat Dolph Ziggler by showing him a picture of himself and throw it into the crowd.

    Win via count out
  13. As if this thread wasn't already pointless :dawg:
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  14. I would beat the shit out of hornswoggle & if we're considering that hitting females is ok, I'd fuck up the divas division too.
    Miz also looks like he can't fight & if Great Khali moves as slow as I think he does I probably could whup his ass too
  15. Re: RE: ITT: list WWE superstars you could beat up

    These were my thoughts exactly when i read this topic. First name that came to my mind was Miz. I think if i saw Miz in the club and i was trying to bring his woman home with me, i could drop his ass... Easy. None of that grabbing stuff either. straight fists.

    Khali looks horribly slow and if you can avoid that "one hitter quitter" that big guys have i could beat his ass too.

    And as long as I wear a cup so hornswoggle can't nut check me in the middle of the fight... Or nut bite (he looks like a nut biter), then he'd be easy as well.

    But I'm confident in my hands so i think i could take any of them in a street fight... A real street fight, not a wwe street fight. Except maybe John Cena, cause he's a freak of nature. Booker And r-truth too... Cause they are from the streets.

    ~Three Said That~
  16. Pussy , males doesnt it females otherwise they are pussys:emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:


    Why did u relationated black guys with the street ?
  17. The Miz. I mean, shit, I may be a complete pussy myself but his punches are just pathetic. I'd simply kick him in the face before slowly beating him down with a bit of a swagger, pandering to the imaginary crowd. I'd eventually finish it off with repeated blows to the skull and a SCF to his lifeless carcass for the luls.
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