ITT: Post all of your usernames from the past

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Sep 20, 2012.

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  1. Because I'm an old man and can't keep up with everyone's constant username changes.

    So for me:

    Hollywood Dolph'sZiggler


    If everyone would be so kind to follow suit.

    Also, Crayo and his chronies, can we please up the post count in between name changes? fuck 250, can we make it like 1,000? or put a limit on the # of name changes you can have within a certain time frame? I'm sick of every noob having a new name every other week

    /get off my lawn
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  2. Not sure on second suggestion.


    Those were my real changes. Love the name Optimus :emoji_slight_frown:
  3. You had a lot more than that.. can't remember any of them off the top of my head though. You and Seabs were all about random (and lame) name changes a few months back
  4. Temporary joke name changes don't count. I had Y2J for like 2 hours because I marked out over a segment, I wasn't ever going to keep it. The Great White Crayo does not count. I've had my name as "XANTH IS A FAT SCOT" once before iirc. Loads of other temporary joke changes, but my serious name changes were the ones I listed. I genuinely wanted to keep those at the time.
  5. KiaSport
    KiaKia Strawberry

    It seems posting is down a bit, so that 250 has become harder to reach. I suppose its not my call, here

  6. I guess.
  7. not much change :haha:

  8. Hijacks the thread and makes his own rule already.

    Such a dicktader. :pity:
  9. I just wish kids would pick a name and stick with it. It's one thing when someone like you or Farooq or Aids changes it up but still have their recognizable name somewhere in it.. but too many cats are changing it up completely and too often. I legitimately don't know who some of this people are/were in the past
  10. Lol Hoss.

    It happens on loads of forums. People like to change their persona's, it's very rare that you have a user sign up with the same username and is consistently the same throughout. I only know a handful of users who haven't changed their "identities" at all, name changes included.

    I could so turn this thread into a really HQ psychology debate but I think that genuinely would be hijacking, but it's fascinating.
  11. Crayo did you not have another one? Censorious or something.

    Anyhoo, my names:

    Lord R'Albin
    Kim Jong Ill

    And the sober, non-trolling me wanted neither of those :emoji_slight_frown:
  12. It has never happened on any other forum that I post on tbh.
  13. Lacky
    and Now Lacky
  14. You are the poster boy for my hatred on this matter.

    well, you and a couple of others.
  15. I'm sorry. :upset: - If it makes you feel any better, when I changed my name to Lacky. I requested that I'm not allowed a name change until 20,000 posts.
  16. It would be different if you asked for it to remain that for longer than 2 weeks :haha:
  17. It would be less annoying if you just said your name was Lacky now and you will just leave it as Lacky
  18. Simple things bug you Dolph's. I should be your therapist.
  19. I'm psyched. Have I changed? Have I evolved? I'd love a psychoanalysis (sp)
  20. From this moment forward I will not ask for another name change. :obama:
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