ITT: The most despicable human being on this planet

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    Cliff notes:

    >Torrey Smith, WR in the NFL, loses his younger brother in a motorcycle accident on Sunday morning
    >Smith plays in game that night
    >Smith balls out of control, has two touchdowns, helps Ravens win a close 1 point game
    >Bitter Pats fan sends these tweets:
    "The Pats may have lost but at least none of them lost a family member. I'd say that's a win."

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    >It's this bitch here:


    Some people
  2. Fuck that lady with a barb wire condom. That was taking it way too far.
  3. I just can't see how anyone that has dealt with the loss of a loved one could possibly say that to another human being. I seriously doubt that she has never had any experience with death at age 27. That is some sociopath shit
  4. Wow, what a jerk.
  5. Fucking ass bitch. The next unfortunate dude to fuck her needs to have spikes on his dick. That's lower than whale shit on the ocean floor.
  6. Despise reading stuff like this, hope she rots in hell.
  7. Is she fucked up in the head, or does she just have some mental disorder? Anyone that says that to another human being, deserves to live the rest of her life miserably.
  8. Fucking bitch ass, this is what's called trolling by Wiki standards. Read about people sending dead pictures to a family who lost their daughter thinking it was funny, people take their freedom and abuse it. It's fucking cruel, I don't understand how people think it's even 5% funny, it's someone's family who just died, you have to be not just a cruel bitch, but a flat out fucking heartless piece of living, walking, and talking shit.
  9. Honestly... it seems like this shitbrick is just trying to douche her way to Internet stardom. This isn't funny, it's nowhere near funny, and now the entire world wants to see this bitch thrown in a shark tank, and all the despicable human beings who laughed at this can go with her.
  10. That's just fucking pathetic. Plain and simple. Really hope she loses her job.
  11. [​IMG]
    Still... FUCK YOU BITCH!:finger::finger::finger::finger::finger:
  12. ^No, she's sorry that she has recieved so much hate. Fuck that insincere bitch.
  13. Atleast we can agree on one thing. :finger:
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  14. By the way, if anyone plans on coming in this thread with the "you're only lowering yourself to her standards" shtick, fuck off now. That whore is a total waste of blood and organs.
  15. more despicable than Hitler!!
  16. You're only lowering yourself to her standards.

    And nobody is a waste of blood and organs in Gods eyes :-)
  17. Fuck God. this bitch is a waste of her father's jizz. Should have blown his load in her mom's eye instead
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  18. So much win :lol1:
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