ITT: We post our bad qualities

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. Basically, we're going to post our bad qualities. I'll give you an example.

    I'm far too honest with women. I always believe in the "honesty is the best policy" quote, and I really emphasise that, but I'm probably too honest. Not the typical "Yes babe, you do look fat." stuff, because no I don't do that, but more so the "Yes, your sister is quite attractive".

    That seems so mean, but it's obviously meant as in a she's good looking kind of way and not a "I want to bang her" kind of way (Legends, don't even think about bringing up the thread I made there).

    My paranoid gf constantly asks me "Have you seen any pretty girls today then?" and I often reply with "Yes, a couple".

    Anyway, what's your bad quality? Or a quality which others may see as bad, like mine, but you yourself perhaps like and wouldn't change.
  2. I'm shy and have really bad anxiety.
  3. I hope your "I'm far to honest with women" example wasn't about you, because Megan.

    I guess I can be too cynical at times, but sometimes a situation needs cynicism just to get the truth across.
  4. Different. Also a good post as another bad quality of mine is the inability to break up with a girl face to face, but too classy to do it any other way.


  5. Skype call. :smug:
  6. I'm way too lenient when I shouldn't be.
  7. I'm lazy and procrastinate wayyyyyyyy too much.
  8. Bad qualities? :haha:

    hmmm.... I'm rather anal retentive about quite a few things. Fortunately, my friends aren't bothered by my quirks.


    Those are bad qualities? Crap, I'm fucked, and not in a good way.
  9. Bad qualities: I have no idea what procrastinate means.

    I'm a total pussy, if I were to ever get attacked I would just lose with a wimper.
  10. Too much of a perfectionist.
  11. What you don't know wont hurt me. I Think ill keep my bad qualities to myself.
  12. "Delay or postpone action; put off doing something."

    I've cured one of your bad qualities. I'm such a good person.
  13. Thanks Crayo :yay:

    Forgot to mention another one of mine, I spend all day on a wrestling forum instead of actually living my life, can you fix that? inb4ban
  14. Annoying, lazy and piss off alot of people when i tell them the truth. (inrl)
  15. I often get angry for no apparent reason. No I am not the hulk.
  16. I'm part Jewish, so I'll have to deal with the fact that my friends will never make as much money as me in the future :upset:
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  17. Remember when you ignored my inb4? :hmm:

    Made me lol a lot.
  18. I have autism, so I sometimes have difficulty doing things, like taking no for an answer for example.
  19. Rarely can I commit to a task beyond a few weeks unless I gain something.
  20. I'm alive
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