Ive been here a while but i might as well say more about myself

Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by UkSciFiGirl, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. Hey all, ive been on the forums for a while but i thought it was time to actually introduce myself properly on these forums :emoji_slight_smile:

    My name is Kate, Im 22 and I live in the UK.
    I am a only child.
    I started watching wrestling when I was 6-7 years old, I used to watch it with my dad then I kinda drifted away from it from about 2003.
    I recently got back into wrestling when I discovered NXT season 1 by accident and well after cheering on Wade Barrett, I started watching Raw and Smackdown again.

    My fave Tv shows: Doctor Who(the original, not the new series) Family Guy and shit tons of Japanese Anime
    Fave Music: Anything metal( kinda grew up with it)

    Btw i do have a Steam Account and i have multiple copies of Dota 2 to give out, so if you want to join me on Dota and have a laugh, please just let me know, im willing to give my extra copies away
  2. hey, welcome to the site
  3. Thanks, though Ive been here since October i think, i thought it was time to post some info about myself :lol1:
  4. I think you joined before me, but welcome, and it would be great to see you on here more often.
  5. barret fan :yes:
    and i love ur avatar
  6. I plan to be on the site more often this year


    Of course im a Barrett fan :otunga: and im changing my avatar this week to something else, either a funny pic or a actual pic of me


    Just to let you know, ive changed my avatar to a Wade Barrett funny one, well I find it funny
  7. was hoping for a pic of you tbh :emoji_slight_smile::sad:
  8. my camera battery just decided to die, im charging it up right now so give me 30 mins and i should have a pic of me sorted out :smug:
  9. :win:
  10. ok ive updated my avatar again to a pic of me


    ok ive updated my avatar to a pic of me
  11. Welcome to the forum, sure we will spend great time in here.
  12. Thanks :emoji_slight_smile:
  13. Glad you decided to properly introduce yourself :emoji_slight_smile:. What superstars are you currently a big fan of?
  14. Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel and secretly Sheamus( only reason i havent said this out in public to the other guys in the forum, is I know im going to pounced on and laughed at, but i know nice people like you wont judge me)
  15. Are you from the UK by any chance? I'm a huge Barrett fan, not so much Sheamus. Gabriel I think needs to be used properly, he's awesome in the ring.
  16. Yeah im from the UK, im from Yorkshire, I was born in Leeds, but live in Wakefield


    Btw, that is me in that picture, its not the best ive taken but hey thats what you get when you have the most rubbish camera in the world :lol1:


    Are you ignoring me now Crayo??? :sad:
  17. Watching Avatar on E4, lol.

    I'm from Cornwall :yay:
  18. Sweet, and I like your status on the Main Page, ive watched Avatar a number of times and all ive thought to myself 'this would be funnier if I was high' :lol1:
  19. Welcome, nice to see you decided to introduce yourself.
  20. Thanks, i was planning to introduce myself for ages, but didnt know what to say :lol1:
    Found some courage thanks to Monster Energy Drink and introduced myself :emoji_slight_smile:
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