I've been thinking about the whole Suarez ordeal...

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  1. I've come to piece with us parting ways with him. We have a lot of promise with Sturridge up front and he's shown us that he has the ability to score goals without Suarez on the pitch. Coutinho has shown why he was a top rated prospect at Inter and has the creative and technical ability that we need for our number 10 man. Meanwhile, him and Coutinho have formed an absolutely dangerous partnership and work excellently together.

    Suarez's sale could land us his replacement in the lineup, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, who could play the right mid position where we proposed Suarez would go. 50 mil is a LOT of cash. Of course we wouldn't blow it all in one season, but we will also have some other sales, such as Carroll, Skrtel, and other players, we could get a good left winger. I must admit I don't know much about Iago Aspas but if he can play left wing and assuming we do in fact sign him he can play there. A front four of Aspas, Coutinho, and Henrikh behind Sturridge would be absolutely dangerous. Henderson can also play in the LM spot which he did in the Newcastle game, where he preformed great.

    We could also land a new LB (Danny Rose, Lucas Digne) and hopefully Kyriakos Papadopulous. These changes along with a few other transfers could set the way towards a future Champions League spot. Sure, we'll miss the attitude, passion, and goal scoring abilities of Suarez but with the right changes we can replace him while improving the team.

    I had nowhere else to put this so you will listen to everything I have to say
  2. Knowing Liverpool they will waste the money on more Igor Biscans, Djimi Traores and Salif Daios

    Then again they've got Champions League medals...


    Sturridge has had a stellar start since joining during January but so did Jelavic for Everton and Arshavin for Arsenal, remember the four goals he scored against Liverpool?
  3. Whilst Sturridge is on good form for his club, I still don't believe he's on Suarez's level. You need a new #1 striker to really propel Liverpool to a new era. You have Suarez, you had Torres before him, and Owen before him. The point is, Liverpool have always relied on and thrived under top strikers, and Sturridge isn't there yet. Honestly, I think you're overrating Mkhitaryan. He's good, but he's no Suarez replacement. You play too much career mode dawg, lol. David Villa would be a good choice of player to go for, but he's getting on a bit.

    Coutinho's challenge will be next season as well. I lol'd at Liverpool not wasting £50 million, may I remind you of who you signed after the sale of Torres? Andy Carrol, Jordan Henderson, and Charlie Adam. Two are out the club, and one is useless at the club. Anyway, I sound horribly negative here, so I'll bring up the optimism.

    Brendan has seemingly got an eye for actual decent players, unlike Dalglish. He needs to be realistic though, because Liverpool simply can't challenge any of the top four any more if they're in for the same player. I heard you're after Atsu as a winger, and that's a great choice. You have poor wingers at the moment imo, and have a formation that fits wingers, so going after Atsu would be good. Whilst Coutinho may be decent as a CAM, I'm unconvinced he's world class. He can play happily on the left wing, while you actually sign a world class ball-keeper like Erisken, but signing him is ridiculously unlikely imo. You could simply have faith in Coutinho and purchase a better CDM to accompany Gerrard. Liverpool also need to invest in defenders since Agger is seemingly going to leave, and even if he doesn't, you're left pretty thin back there. I honestly don't think Papadopulas is leaving; he has said that he doesn't want to. He's an awesome defender though.
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