I've got 99 problems..

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  1. But a #%[email protected]! ain't one! Hit me! :dawg:

    What are some things that are currently causing problems in your life and how do you plan to resolve them?
  2. Work..

    Don't have spare time to work out or do things with friends.
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  3. EA servers.

    How to resolve it: Curse at TV repeatedly :tough:
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  4. Exactly this, been working hard and long that I don't have time that much anymore to do anything anymore, barely get online just to sacrifice morning time.
  5. My little sister. So annoying.
  6. Well, lets see.

    I just finished Uni, and was immediately hired at a college to lecture (ironically enough, I first started learning IT there). I just got out of school and now I'm back in it. Good pay yes, but I actually want to kill myself :upset:

    Super busy and have barely talked to anyone but my super close friends in a year. I haven't logged into FB in I believe two. I barely even post here :emoji_slight_frown:

    Annnd Aerosmith's new album is going to suck. I believe a name change from "Music from Another Dimension" to "Cancer from Another Dimension" would be perfectly fitting. This is the biggest one of my problems. 10 years getting hyped over a new album and I'm treated to utter garbage. I have very good priorities
  7. Lmao I love you so much. So true.
  8. So you say you have 99 problems?

    I got one solution boy: tweet to Steiner. :steiner:
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