IWC Overreaction Thread

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Snowman, Jan 22, 2013.

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  1. I've read several opinion websites since I have no life and want to contribute to the site, and I've read the same thing several times...

    "Ziggler can only choose between the #1 & #2 RR spots... making this whole Beat the Clock Challenge completely pointless."

    They said the same thing on many other sites, and a few YouTube guys as well (great listens when online gaming)... Clearly these guys don't know how wrestling works. The whole Beat the Clock challenge was an angle designed to get Dolph and Vickie over and swerve us. Vickie didn't determine this from the beginning, she did it to spite Dolph. Dolph screwed over Sheamus, which would have helped get heat on him if anyone cared about Sheamus.

    If you want to complain about "wasting your time getting Vickie Guerrero over as a face", that's understandable. But this is silly.

    So... here's a thread idea. ITT: post any and all over-the-top typical IWC overreactions that make the "real wrestling fans" make asses of themselves. One, two, three, go.
  2. People are complaining about that? :lol1:

    Wish I could actually contribute to the thread but nothing comes to mind :downer:
  3. Anything BLFFL posts.
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  4. Nothing comes to mind at the moment but I mentioned recently how funny the IWC reaction would be if Daniel Bryan won the WWE Title and then came out to make an open challenge on Raw to anyone, and then Kevin Nash's music hit and he jackknifed Bryan and beat him for the title in 7 seconds (beating the Bob Backlund record) to win the WWE Title.
  5. Dolph being booked as #1 or #2 is fantastic, he'll last until the end probably (not winning). Great character development.

    Oh wait, I'm doing it wrong.
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  6. The people who posted this stuff are sort of like me. I know wrestling is staged and all, but at the same time I would like to see my favorite people get the top spots. I would have been elated to see Dolph at number 30 although the chances of him are winning are slim because he has the briefcase. However I can see where they come from with the pointless part, it seemed pretty pointless when there could have been other things in there place and Vickie could have just placed Dolph at #1. At the same time though I'm glad Raw was filled with more singles matches, i think if i saw another tag match I would have been ape shit, it's like Teddy's been booking. Then there was no Cena match, so that was also good, aside from him coming out to spoil the rumble by declaring he's going to win.
  7. I rage at RKOs out of nowhere btw. Is that overreacting? :sad:
  8. [​IMG]

    Dayum, dayum, dammmmn.
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  9. Haha, I meant when their smarkness gets out of their heads and they overanalyze things (like the people who hated the Taz reveal since it wasn't a bigger deal imo, yeah they needed something big but that angle's pretty much jumped the shark anyway.)

    Your hatred of RKO's can be summed up three ways:
    -You can't stand Orton winning (we're all fans, you just don't like Orton, nothing wrong with that)
    -You think the RKO finish is stale (just a simple opinion)
    -You think it's silly when the commentators/fans lose their minds over the "OMG RKO out of nowhere!" (the truth)

    Obviously this'll all be opinionated, but thought it would be a fun discussion.

  10. Yeah, the last one is likely. I don't really dislike EVERY single RKO, but you know, when they're used for winning matches I don't want Orton to win I get pissed. :dawg:

    But I got your point on the thread. It's not markish overreactions, but smarkish. Ofc.
  11. Here are some:

    Miz getting the figure four leg lock from Ric Flair.
    Ryback's fast push into the main event after John Cena's injury.
    Wade Barrett getting the intercontinental title.
  12. Is that the Jenna Marbles girl or something?
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