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Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Mar 30, 2014.

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  1. Did anyone happen to go to this show, or find a replay of it soon after, I'm still on the hunt. Personally I really wanna see the Austin Aries vs Ricochet match, I heard it was a pretty excellent match. The early reviews from what I'm reading for the most part say the show was pretty entertaining, if anyone knows of a way to check it out I'd definitely be interested so feel free in private messaging me a link or something.

    I believe this was the inaugural show for IWF and they plan to do more events.


    - Carlito's Cabana
    - Chris Hero vs Chris Masters
    - 4 Way No Limits Match:
    AR Fox Vs Anthony Nese Vs Rich Swann Vs JT Dunn
    - Ricochet Vs Austin Aries
    - Reno Scum Vs Young Bucks
    - Shad Gaspard Vs Brian Cage w/Stu Stone
    - John Morrison Vs Shelton Benjamin
    - Alexander Hammerstone vs Tyshaun Prince
    - Lucha Tag Match: Reaper/Valiente vs Ultimo Guerrero/Mascara Dorada
    With several others slated to make an appearance as well.​

    I'll find a way to check it out, even if it means by purchase so long as it's not a crazy price amount :emoji_slight_smile:
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