IWGP Heavyweight title - the most prestigious title in wrestling?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Mar 11, 2013.

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    The IWGP Heavyweight title is the top title of the New Japan promotion,established on June 12 1987 it is easily the top title in Japan. But a lot of fans would also argue that it is the top title in the world, and thus we have the subject of this thread. Is it?

    25 people have held the belt and it has all in all culminated in 58 reigns total. With Hiroshi Tanhashi and Tatsumi Fujinami sharing the record for most reigns at six. This is fare less times than there has been WWE title reigns (we all know that WWE for a while felt like playing hot potato with the belt) and one can make the argument that longer reigns would lead to more prestige. The belt is always on the top of the card for NJPW shows and Tanahashi is doing one hell of a job at showcasing the belt right now. What are your opinions on the IWGP belt? Is it the top belt in the world or is it outshone by the WWE title or by another belt entirely?
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  2. The IWGP Heavyweight championship is a belt which you need to prove yourself worthy of wearing. There are no slacking done. You need to seriously work your ass off in a match and wrestle stiff matches to prove that you are the man to be the champ. In my opinion it is more prestigious than the WWE Championship.
  3. I can't say it's the top title in the world, but I can say it's very prestigious. As you said, WWE throws the title on whoever they like for rating purposes. The WWE Championship has had 43 different superstars holding it and has been thrown 111 times around.

    As for it being the top title to the fans, it can be. But seeing how WWE is a global sensation, it's only fair to say the WWE Championship will be recognized as the top title in the world.

    IWPG is up there along with the NWA Championship (Former).
  4. As in prestige? It's held by the best wrestler on the planet when all is considered, in a promotion which could well challenge the WWE for global dominance in the next few years if it gets it's expansion technique right. I'll say it is based upon it's present state from a wrestling standpoint.
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