Ring of Honor IWGP jr tag titles to be defended at Death Before Dishonor

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  1. Beast. So it seems like NJPW has solid working relationships growing with both ROH and NWA then.
  2. Yeah it can only be a good thing for both ROH and NWA. This working relationship improves the product quality and credibility for ROH,which is needed after the past few years. Plus with the NOAH relationship as well it gives the fans fresh match ups.

    Hooligans have been that much needed spark in the tag division and with other talents such as Bucks who add so much as well.

    If things go well between ROH and New japan then hopefully we can see guys like Devitt in the future.
  3. I'm hoping Anderson sticks around as well. With how ROH does TV (once a month tapings) one would think they can find and opening between tours.
  4. Anderson is growing on me,yeah with the way the tv tapings work he could be featured more. Plus with english being his first language he can cut some promos and have some sort of feud with someone.
  5. I'd like to see him take the belt off of Taven and be the midcard monster. Plus him going to New Japan with the ROH TV belt on would be some nice exposure for ROH in Japan.
  6. Yeah maybe he could even defend the belt at a new japan event,he is high profile enough to make the belt more relevant.
  7. It would also give him something to do in the bullet Club. Fale is the bruiser, Tonga will be their rep in the jr division and Devitt the main guy. Anderson needs something to do.
  8. Hooligans are great, love 'em.
  9. Hooligans have been added to the ROH roster page. Seems like they are sticking around :yay:
  10. :yes: Good decision.
  11. No Anderson though :okay:
  12. Hopefully Anderson will make more appearances for the company in the future.
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