Kayfabe Preview Show IWTMania V: Spawn vs Nick

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    IWT Championship and World Heavyweight Championship Match

    Spawn (c) @Tumbas vs Nick (c) @Nickelodeon

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    Promos must be done by the 11:59 pm on April 4th British Time.
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    There is a 2 promo limit.
  2. The scene begins with Nick sitting his personal dressing room of the backstage area, staring at the ground. The IWT championship lays on the floor in front of him.

    "IWTMania V is finally here, and I can't say it's as I expected it to be. What, only 2 actual IWT brand matches on the card? A venue that pales in comparison to the last? Even though this is supposed to be our biggest show of the year every year, IWTMania is not without its flaws. Mania II had the horrors that were Adam vs Jonathan, D'Z vs Lee... But the bright spots such as Kid vs George and Bruce Knight pulling off the upset of the century. IWTMania III was the first time IWT folded, the card was a disaster. I'm shocked we even managed to pull off another one after that, but IWTMania IV was a classic show. I was so excited, with the influx of talent and all, for IWTMania V. The fifth anniversary, a landmark number. The show should be tremendous. At least that's what I thought."

    He lets out a sigh and shakes his head.

    "This is it. The death of the IWT. It's not even really an IWT show anymore, is it? This is RWK's show, and we're just lucky enough to have been given a spot, right? They let the IWT humiliate itself one last time, on their terms and and broadcast, for their own enjoyment. You'll get to see the train wreck that is Aids Johnson take on a demented Dat Kid. Should be interesting, this is probably the worst mental state the both of them have EVER been in (and that's saying something). I'll enjoy watching those two expired sacks of sh*t pathetically showcase exactly why IWT is dying. Then, the main event! The Demon, Spawn, vs yours truly. It's a shame that our rubber match is now and not at IWTMania IV like it should've been. But I suppose that's my fault for being a p*ssy, and not having the balls to fight for the title back then. So be it, our third and final encounter will be for the IWT Title in the main event of IWTMania V."

    "I'm not sure why exactly you fight. You always had some sort of conviction, some sort of reason to fight. You wanted to conquer the IWT, send me to hell, or some sort of religious bs. At the end of the day, you had a purpose for fighting. But now I ask you, what is your purpose? Mine is simple. I will put it all on the line one last time because deep down I still am The Heart and Soul of the IWT. I will give it my all at IWTMania for all of those that can't be there. For all the history of the IWT, for all the classic matches that have taken place under the IWT brand, and for any person that ever considered themselves an IWT fan. This last battle goes out to Britanica, Dat Kid, Christian, Aids Johnson, Victoria Parker, Danielson, Senhor Perfect, Farooq, The Cure, Joey Bryant, The Order, Michael, The Bullad Club, Jack Forte, and any other superstar to step foot in this ring. This fight is dedicated to all of you, whether you're not here because you simply can't be here, the board doesn't want you here, or you just don't give a damn anymore. Because this fight isn't about me, this is about everything IWT has been over these past few years."

    "IWT will soon breath its last breathe... but I'll be damned if that breathe isn't anything special. I will do everything in my power to give IWT a proper send off with the limited resources I have. I will walk out as the final IWT Champion and pull the plug on what has been some of the greatest four and a half years of any wrestling promotion ever."
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