J.R on Rock's backstage heat & Takers Streak

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Feb 27, 2012.

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  1. Agree with everything he said.
  2. J.R.'s blogs are always a good read. I enjoy it. Oklahoma's own!
  3. It's a shame Owen isn't in the HOF but I can understand why his widow is so against it.
  4. The first time JR has made any sense in a very long time
  5. [​IMG]

    J.R. is the only one that actually makes the sense of all WWE employees online.
  6. I've heard JR BS far too many times actually.

    You have to remember, JR has been doing online blogging for years and years now

    Before twiiter and facebook, JR would give reports where I could smell the BS from across state lines

    JR was protecting the business when the business needed it. Today, social media is ruining it more and more. JR is realizing it and is cutting the BS
  7. I don't see his widow's point to be honest.
  8. Well would you want to work with the man who put your husband in what he knew was a dangerous position? One that ended up costing him his life?
  9. This all opens the Hart family can of worms.

    The Natalya farting angle isn't helping matters.

    Bret was my favorite wrestler and I'm glad he returned, but there's no way I would have agreed to a match in his condition... not w/Vince

    If you recall the angle Cena/Bret were chummy as were Vince/Batista.... it would have been similar to the Billionaires WM23 match

    The Hart/McMahon dynamic is a confusing one... one step forward and two steps back
  10. She wouldn't work with him? Would she need to do anything? She wanted to sue them for honoring him in something else, it's celebrating his life. Though I see your point, I guess I'm just different morally than her. I'd want my loved one to be honored for something they loved doing, and did damn well.
  11. It's still agreeing to work with him to an extent as if she lets him go in Vince would probably want to use his likeness to make money. That would piss me off a great deal tbh, having someone who was indirectly responsible for killing your husband making bank off him.
  12. I know what I'm about to type is an unpopular opinion, but I don't really blame Vince for Owen's death, directly or indirectly.

    I blame Vince for a lot of things. I blame him for the Montreal Screwjob. I blame him for burying talent that was built in other promotions/federations. I blame him for being a no good piece of $hit a lot of the time.

    I also blame him for building a strong pro wrestling company that dominates the product in the current era, both for good and ill.

    Do I think Vince wanted Owen to make a flashy entrance into that match? Yes. Do I think Vince wanted him to come down the zip line? Yes.

    Do I think Vince put him in a dangerous position? Yes, but, by that token, he puts every one of his wrestlers into a dangerous position every time he puts on a show. You don't have to fall from the rafters of the Kemper Arena to get badly hurt or even killed in a WWE show. You can by taking a bump wrong. Just ask Darren Drozdov. Hell, just ask "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

    A lot of people who have written things about Vince have commented that, as big an SOB as he can be, he doesn't like putting his people into positions that they don't feel safe in. All they have to do is tell him that they aren't willing and they work around it. In the final analysis, Owen should have told Vince he was uncomfortable (if he was). In the final analysis, Owen is responsible, whether or not anyone wants to hear that, for his own well-being.

    Owen's death was a terrible tragedy and a truly confusing time for those of us who were his fans and were watching that night and the next.

    If Vince wants to induct him into the HoF, Owen's widow should let him. It could provide the kind of financial comfort that Owen would have wanted for his family.

  13. Ah yes, good old JR.
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