News Jack Swagger found Guilty

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by DK James, Jun 25, 2013.

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  1. Thought this was news worthy.
  2. What about the weed, mannnnn
  3. :zeb: I bet the judge's wife is one of dem illegal Russian brides!
  4. Not going to lie, glad Cesaro has Swagger's spot now
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  5. Glad he did so he can gtfo
  6. I hate how drinking and driving is no big deal in this country until you pile up 4-5 DUIs. fucking joke man

    First offense should be 90 days in jail. You get brought in drunk? You aren't leaving for 3 months.

    Second offense should be a year. Maybe these fuck heads would get the point if they didn't get one night in jail and a weak fine
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  7. They drop those counts in the DA-plea. From what i've heard.
  8. Yeah i'm going to pass on that.
  9. you are a part of the problem
  10. Damn...I really liked his new gimmick. :sad:
  11. Even this might be too lenient.
  12. true but I was just trying to find the middle ground between an actual deterrent and something that could legitimately have a chance to be implemented.
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