Jack Swagger on Total Divas Stars

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  1. Jack Swagger held a #WeThePeople Q&A on Twitter tonight to hype Sunday's Flag Match against Rusev at WWE SummerSlam. Below are a few highlights:

    * Christian is the most fun to work with and his favorite opponent. His dream opponent would be Gerald Brisco

    * Sgt. Slaughter was his idol growing up. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash as The Outsiders were his favorite tag team of all time

    * "There's stars on that show?" was his reply to a fan who asked his favorite Total Divas star

    * He's going with Brock Lesnar over John Cena at SummerSlam
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  2. Christian and Swagger tore it up in 2009 during their ECW run.
    Very intelligent cat.
  3. Lol'd at that Total Divas answer. Every other answer was pretty cool, haven't heard to many wrestlers who'd say they'd like to wrestle against Gerald Brisco. Pretty damn good choice in favorite tag team wrestling, glad to see he really does know the business.
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  4. My exact same reaction. He's a finance major so he's no dummy. Oddly enough, he's fooled many of us to believe just the opposite.
    No doubt a very informative, though brief interview.
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  5. Didn't expect him to be stupid honestly. I don't judge someone based on their gimmick to real life. Never heard much of his in real life self, so I never really saw him as anything outside of Swagger.
  6. You're that kind of cat. You see behind layers. I don't. That makes me the dumba** I suppose.
    Intuition is hardly a strength of mine.
  7. Well, I don't care for Total Divas either.
  8. Haha so thought this was going to be about Swagger nailing Eve Marie or someone and ending up on Total Divas.
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  9. Same :emoji_grin:

    That said really cool interview.
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  10. The thread title makes it sound like he was a guest star on Total Divas or something lol.

    Although the answer he gave in response to the show was pretty legendary.
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  11. Changed the title. Hopefully it makes sense.
  12. He definitely sounds like a guy Jim Ross recruited.
  13. Total Divas, huh?
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  14. Swagger's cool, always liked him.
  15. And they say smoking pot ruins your mind. Nice one for Swagger.
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