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  1. So what do you guys make of his push? Most people seem to be enjoying the story and Uncle Zeb, but I've not really seen many opinions on him personally since his return. Does his ring work/look make him worthy of this push, or should Zeb have worked with someone else?
  2. His ring work is awesome, the only issue he had was the character as ECW champion he was OK but then they tried to make him Kurt Jr which was bound to fail. Now they've cracked a simple but effective character with him which is drawing heat. B rating from me thus far
  3. Zeb Coulter does a good job, but Swagger is still just Swagger and brings the whole down for me once he starts to speak. Yeah, he's pretty decent in the ring, but it's not like he's the only guy that can be said about. Also, I don't really think the crowd cares about any of this. There's even reports of Vince being worried that the angle has no heat to it.
  4. I think Swagger needed the revamping and it's working pretty well for him. Vickie was an okay manager for Swagger and she did draw heat, but I think it didn't transfer over into Swagger during that time. I think with Zeb drawing that heat with his edgy promos and Swagger sort of there to nod and say "yeah, what that guy said" is slightly more effective. The problem with the angle is that after the first time I'm already used to it and I think even more needs to be added to it to maintain that heat, which means even more edgier content. I do think it's a step in the right direction though
  5. I think that Zeb is exactly what Swagger needed. He lacks mic skills and with Zeb as his mouthpiece it's made him a legitimant heel.
  6. I think his gimmick works but I feel like Zeb Coulter does most of the work. At times it feels like Swagger is just along for the ride. Swagger seems to be the muscle while Coulter is the "brains". I suppose that works if they want it to seem like Swagger is simply brainwashed by Coulter and is simply a shell of a man. Swagger is pretty good in the ring and when he has Coulter at his side the gimmick works for him.
  7. I don't care about Jack Swagger. He's good in the ring and all but there are plenty of other people on the WWE roster who I think are better in the ring or at least have some other attribute that makes me care about them more than I do Swagger. Swagger isn't very high on my list of people who WWE needed to push. I don't however, think Zeb should've worked with someone else. Swagger's All-American gimmick made the new gimmick transfer easy and natural, and Swagger definitely needs help to get most of the crowd to care (which hasn't been working too well from what I've read).

    Also, I find it hilarious that every major Jack Swagger push is preceded by months of him doing absolutely nothing.
  8. I like the Character and the revamp. I just think they should have focused the All American, going for the American Title.
  9. Announcer: Weed The People.
    Jack: No, no, no, no, no. Weeeed The People.
    Announcer: Weeed The People.
    Jack: No, no. You gotta let the 'e' breathe. WEEEEED THE PEOPLE.
    Announcer: Weeeeed... The---
    Jack: You know what? I will not stand here and let you butcher my catch phrase. Everyone in this arena can thank you for missing out on another promo that will end in me saying... WEED. THE. PEOPLE.
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  10. LOL, you made me crack up, a mix of Fahn-Dahn-Goh, and Jack Swagger. Simple an awesome mix
  11. I am a fan, Swag is decent on the mic but i cant get over the lisp. Zeb gives him a huge upgrade on mic (fuck vickie) and his ring work is quality in my book.
  12. I am a big Swagger and Colter fan, loved these two since they've been paired together. I find Swagger to seem a lot more credible now than he's ever been, he actually comes off as a threat and really aggressive in the ring. Even when he was World Heavyweight champion, I still couldn't buy into him very much. Now, his look, attitude, and having Zeb by his side, really make him stand out more and have some character.
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  13. I'm loving it, really like Colter, the gimmick and his ring work. Thumbs up from me.
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