Jack Swagger's New Gimmick

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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsqHiJZg6NU

    Jack Swagger's new gimmick has gotten a lot of attention.

    Is the WWE racist? NO. Creating a racist character does not make a company racist. There are film producers who make movies in 1920 settings. They have racist white characters. That doesn't make them racist. We know from history that some whites were racist towards blacks. Jack Swagger's character does not represent the WWE's views or his views.

    However, not too many people booed Jack Swagger's promo last week. I believe he will get cheers. There are some people who share the same views as Jack's character. Would you be surprised if Jack gets cheered? If you watched his entire promo then at the end there were a few cheers and clips from the audience.
  2. That ship has sailed.
  3. Have you seen the work he and Mantell (well, really just Mantell) are doing?
  4. What I meant is:

    Arrested and charged with DUI. :bury:
  5. Well, it was actually "the car has left", he wasn't sailing, but w/e.

    We don't know yet what will happen. They're still trying to bring Glenn Beck on Raw so obviously they're still wanting to push the guy, and Meltzer says they're changing plans on him so that's a pretty good sign that they're staying the course.

    Shame, honestly would have lol'ed at him being in Aces and Eights.
  6. So you're telling me that there's still hope for a decent Swagger push (at least until WM)? Hmmm, interesting.
  7. Tons of guys have gotten in trouble and not been depushed for it. First offense, I doubt they are in a hurry to bury him any time soon over it.
  8. Yeah, WWE should at least wait until after WM to punish him if they want to. Sudden depushes are not cool.
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