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  1. whatever happend to if you lose an i quit match you are gone for good
  2. No :facepalm1:
  3. hahahahaha i feel the exact same way
  4. That's not the stip of an I quit match. You are thinking of a loser leaves town match.
  5. When did losing an I Quit mean you retire? That's a Career Match or a Loser Leaves Town Match (quite literally back in the day when you would be forced to leave one territory for another) that you're thinking of. I Quit means you give in to the pain and punishment to the point when you literally say the words I Quit into the mic instead of just tapping out.
  6. No I'm saying you're completely wrong. That's not the stipulation with the match at all.
  7. Miz lost an I Quit match and I think he didn't leave a month or so.
  8. oops i was thinking of a diffrent match type
  9. What kind of match were you thinking about?
  10. whatever match it is when they leave the bussiness for good
  11. There isn't a match which means you have to leave the business for good if you lose. The closest it a career match, but those are only used when the loser is about to retire anyway. There are loser leaves town matches, but the wrestler would most likely show up on the other brand if losing.
  12. It's not really a match type, it's chosen by a wrestler, or a higher power(GM, Vince, Board of Directors, etc.) if the wrestler wants to put his wrestling career on the line, which is usually for something of value, like Jericho vs Ziggler for the Money in the Bank briefcase. It's not a match type, it can be in any match type, like Undertaker vs Edge in a TLC match, a career vs World Heavyweight Championship match was the part of the match. Although, I do remember, Batista left WWE right after losing an I Quit match with John Cena, but it was never a stipulation that they had to leave WWE, Batista left out on his own.
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